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It’s time to start pushing the envelope in a good way.

The February 2017 Full Moon Eclipse lights up a new pathway into where we are supposed to go next. On February 10th, 2017 (7:33PM EST/4:33PM PST ) the Moon will be magnified in the sign of Leo (22° ♌28) and officially begin eclipse season. It’s an auspicious moon that will be daring us to be seen & heard.

Eclipses always create a high energy or a buzz all around. Thankfully, this time around it’s a really good one and I’m personally looking forward to it. Even though this particular eclipse registers with only partial intensity, we’ll still be feeling it in big ways. A stir will be around to shake things up in a positive way.

The energy that will radiate off the moon will be magnified to the fullest given everything happening alongside her. Anything involving the sign of Leo – demands to be seen and heard in some way or another.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Horoscopes Full Moon article:

A very special combination, called a Finger of God, lights up the scene.

This rare and opportunistic planetary aspect reveals that fate is intertwined in whatever we’re doing. Something may be happening behind the scenes that helps us get a little closer to where we need to be. It’s like a finger pops up to help point us in the right direction. For that reason – keep a high awareness of things taking place at this time.

The moon will also be operating in a lucky Grand Trine of fire which is something that makes my astrologer’s eye twinkle.

Picture the circus and those rings of fire they entice animals to jump through.  This full moon will be just that—our fire ring of opportunity. Good energy will be around for the taking and if we’re looking for a good time to make a decision —this is it.

Something else to consider is that there might be an unusual twist to this opportunistic eclipse.

While the moon is lime lighting in Leo, the Sun will be dancing in Aquarius (a sign that appreciates being different). This side of the story is going to be reminding us of the importance of being unique. Sometimes we need to stand strong and be loud and proud of who we are — despite what other people think.

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ART CREDIT: A special thanks to Danny Caran Illustration  for sharing her art with us for this special full moon eclipse. Check out her new site showing her Art Collection Erotique