Tubers by RareBirdWorld

Tubers by RareBirdWorld

The Elements in our personal Astrology help connect us to others.

One of the reasons is because they make us naturally attract to others – without even realizing it!

Everyone’s got a special mix of planetary energy and tossed in there are categories called Astrological Elements. The elements are Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

Everyone is made up of several combinations and we all have a different mix.

  • Water comes from my feeling signs otherwise known as Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer
  • Fire comes from my hottie tottie signs known as Leo, Sagittarius & Aries
  • Earth comes from my cautious & responsible signs known as Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus
  • Air comes from my optimistic and freedom loving signs known as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

What typically happens is we tend to end up with more of some element over others. Whatever we are lacking is what we are most attracted too. For example, I have an over-abundance of water in my chart and I constantly find that I’m subconsciously drawn to people with a lot of fire.  I’m just naturally drawn to the elements I’m missing as I need something to help balance out.

Most of us tend to end up being most attracted (in all sorts of relationships) to people who have the elements that we lack.

No matter how you slice it, I bet if you peered into the charts of the closest people in your life, you’d likely see that they have the elements you’re lacking.  You could say that it’s just one of the universe’s mysteries … or be like me and see it as astrology in action.

Whatever you attribute it to, there’s always something happening behind the scenes helping to draw us in to meet people who will complete our missing elements.  So the only question left is what element shakes your love, lust and longing?  My money is on the element missing in your chart.

Here’s a color chart from Crystal B’s Learning Portal decoding each element by color


Element Chart: Fire (Pink)/Earth (Green) / Air (Yellow) / Water (Blue)

Learn More About the Elements in Astrology and important relationship dynamics
in Crystal B’s Learning Portal

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ART CREDIT: Thank you Leeta of Rare Bird Art World for letting us use your whimsical piece inspired by the land of “Somewhere” – A beautiful place full of love that we’re all looking to find.