survival guideEclipse Season is in effect! 

Feeling a stir? Of course you are! Two back to back eclipses are igniting which means changes are in motion and energy is heating up big time. Here’s your Eclipse Survival Guide to help maneuver through the highs and lows.

The first eclipse will be a “Blue Full Moon” Lunar Eclipse in Leo (11°37′ ) taking place on January 31, 2018 (an ending cycle). The second is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (27°08′that will take place on February 15, 2018(a beginning cycle).

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Whenever we’re approaching an eclipse time – it’s important to be aware of the energy at play because quite honestly it can be intense.  Eclipses can be enlightening but they can also bring a twist of “high energy” to the table.  Having this handy “Eclipse Survival Guide” near whenever eclipses strike can not only help you get through the intensity but give you tips on how to make it work for you.

Eclipses end and begin new 19 year cycles and that’s huge when you think about things from a deeper perspective.  Sometimes shifts can be unsettling and scary. Being aware of the energies at play can be quite beneficial. An eclipse will also signal that a cross roads is approaching.  It’s always going to be up to us to decide which way to go but eclipses bring the option of a different way to the table.

Eclipse periods typically happen a few times each year. In 2018, the first is happening now (end of January-mid February) and the 2nd will be in the July-August 2018 time period.

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Make sure to have this handy “survival guide” as you embark upon making new decisions.

1) Expect the unexpected.  Eclipses have a funny way of diverting our attention to things we weren’t thinking of.  Predicting the unexpected is impossible and I guarantee whatever you think it might be – it’ll end up being something totally different.

2) Prepare to say goodbye to something (but keep in mind that something new comes along with it).  The themes of the “something” you have to part with could be endless – a way of life, a career, a job, a relationship, a house, etc.  Parting with patterns of thinking and the way we do things are also up for endings.  There’s likely an ending of something coming out – but remember that something new always comes along for the ride.

3) Do something special for yourself.  It’s always hard to take time to do something for YOU but eclipse time is the perfect time!  Stop and do something – anything FOR YOU.

4) Prepare to compromise.  You may feel defeated in some way with an eclipse and you may have to accept a compromise of some sort.  It may not look that great in the moment but later on you’ll come to see the benefits of giving in a bit.

5) Have a trusting friend you can call.  Someone to bounce an idea off of or someone who can listen to you rant, complain, or jump for joy is crucial during these high energy times.  Friends are important during eclipse time.

Eclipse times are eventful times.  They not only create eventful occurrences but they force us to stop and think about things in a different way.  It’s important to listen closely to things happening to you during these peak energy times.  The Universe is talking loud and clear.  Ultimately it’s up to us to interpret the message.


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