Eclipse Season Grand Finale: May 5 Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse

It’s Time for Eclipse Season’s Grand Finale: A Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse

The May 5 Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse plans to deliver an important release & grand finale to eclipse season (which began on April 19-20 with a Solar Eclipse). Scorpio is known for dramatic twists & crisis management may become necessary. Scorpio, after all, is one of the deepest signs. When the moon is full in her sign, we can’t help but encounter a deep and dramatic stir.

This eclipse will be the culmination of a series of Scorpio eclipses. The Taurus – Scorpio axis began to be triggered in late November 2021, the exact date of Scorpio eclipses were as follows:
May 15, 2022: 25 degrees Scorpio 18′
Oct 25, 2022: 2 degrees Scorpio 00′
May 5, 2023: 14 degrees Scorpio 58′
After the finale of this series there will not be another Scorpio Eclipse until November 14, 2031.

No one keeps a secret better than Scorpio—but all bets are off when a full moon dances through her dark
waters. Scorpio is known for calling out the elephant in the room. But it’s also one of the best signs to help us explore the dark and truly get to the heart of our matters. Scorpio likes to LIGHT up the DARK so we can see the cracks.

This particular full moon story includes an important Uranus play. The “shaken not stirred” planet will be operating very closely to the Sun (in Taurus). While the Moon is in Scorpio, she’s going to be pulled by the Sun into the safety of comfortable Taurus. Expect a tug of war and balancing act to get kicked into motion. Expect the unexpected. Uranus likes to surprise us and deliver shocks of insight. He can feel liberating. Or he can make you feel rattled and uncomfortable with all the new developments taking place.

At the time of this high energy full moon, Jupiter will be operating in his final days of Aries. When a planet moves through the last degrees, he’s wrapping up all the things he needs to before moving onto the next. We can tap into some courage and bravery — and perhaps a little universal push into the new places we need to go next

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