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​On April 22, 2020 a New Lunar Cycle Begins with the Earth Day April New Moon in Taurus

New Moons are always a time to set our intentions and initiate new chapters. April’s New Moon sets us on a path of sheer determination to satisfy our needs. Taurus, after all, is perserverant and fixed on what it wants to do. In this New Moon story, taking place on Earth Day, we see both the Sun and Moon wanting nothing more than to find a place of safety, peace and relaxation. However, Uranus, the planet of awakenings, change, important downloads and surprises will want something entirely different. A new kind of stir will be ignited because of his influence. 

Whatever is stuck, will now have the opportunity to become free.

While the chaos of Uranus can be destabalizing and shocking, his awareness factor is one that is necessary. He’s the great awakener and shaker that makes mixing things up necessary in order to put us in the direction we need to go. If you have found yourself stuck, this New Moon could be a ticket out—but it may come in an unexpected package. Uranus surprises us and likes to keep us guessing till the very end. 

Venus, now travelling through Gemini, is currently lighting up the night sky. 

If you’ve recently noticed a brighter than usual star in the sky, it’s actually the planet Venus. She’s stealing the evening show shining brightly for all to see. There will be a particularly gorgeous view of her on April 26th when she aligns with the Crescent Moon.  Venus is beginning to tell an important story with our relationships, as she gears up for her rare retrograde beginning in May. 

As you set your intentions at this time, try to go outside your bounds of comfortable. This is a Earth Day April New Moon wants us to try a little experimentation. It’s screaming it’s time to get ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ because we won’t be able to run from it any longer. 

Learn more about the Earth Day April New Moon and area it’s activating in your astrology. Also get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only New Moon video.

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