Doing What’s Right: March Super Full Moon in Libra March 28 2021

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Lunar Art by Jen’s Fine Art

Super Moon Season Begins with the March Super Full Moon in Libra—-the Sign that Wants Compromise and Justice

The Full Moon will oppose the Sun in firey Aries, who will be looking for things to go its way or get on the highway! Just like the scales Libra represents, the key to this March Full Moon will be finding justice, compromise, balance and equality for all. The positive to report is that despite the intensity to take action, there will be a grounding force. Planetary tools will be available to help us to achieve our goals and make better decisions.

Many people don’t really understand that the sign of Libra is an action taker.

Libra may want to go about things in a peaceful and harmonious way, but this doesn’t mean they can’t  A.C.T. Libra is a cardinal sign and when it makes up its mind to do something, it goes after it head on. Never underestimate the peacekeeper. Justice pumps in its veins and when it needs to be handed out, Libra will do what’s necessary.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will also be a dominant player in this Super Moon story.

With Chiron in Aries, we’re pioneering or fighting for something that takes courage and bravery. Perhaps we’re trying to make peace with the past and heal our old wounds. Or perhaps our wounds are new and we’re trying desperately to rise above them. Whatever the case, a necessity to put on our coat of armor and carry on with a brave face calls out to us.

We also can’t forget the core planetary issue that’s in the background, the Saturn Uranus Square. These planets will be nudging us on all year long advocating for change (with limitations & restrictions looming). Thankfully, though, Saturn will be greatly supported in this heated March Super Full Moon story.  Saturn will be operating in a beautiful grand trine with the “supped” up Full Moon and Mars (currently running through Gemini). Major support will be shining through, while justice of some sort gets served!

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