Gemini Gift By GenieMelisande

Gemini Gift By GenieMelisande

The last Full Moon of 2016 will take place on December 13th in the dual natured sign of Gemini

Everyone will likely have something to share about what the December Full Moon brings to the table. It will be another Super Moon (the 3rd of 3 back to back Super Full Moons) and fall in the sign of Gemini. The dual natured energy will be highlighted to the max and there are other very important combinations that will play part. A major finale and turning point is in store with this one for many of us. 

Here’s an excerpt from the December Member Horoscopes Full Moon Article:

“The December Full Moon will mark a point for some of us to create a new twist in our ever changing stories.

The dual natured sign of Gemini (22 °♊25’ ) is where the Moon will be shining bright and for good reason. There will be two very different sides coming on strong. This is a 2 sided Full Moon story.

It’s going to be up to us to integrate the yin and the yang in order to discover what the Moon is trying to tell us.  But I’d like to help us peer a little closer into this Full Moon’s message because I think it’s significant. This is especially the case for those who are coming to terms with the past and looking ahead into what’s going to happen next.

As with all Full Moons, an important crossroads comes into our domain. Decisions usually need to be made about whether to take a particular exit or continue on the same path. If we exit, then a closure point happens and we begin to embark on something new. However, if we continue on, then we’re faced to deal with our situations in new kind of way.

Eventually, everything changes. It needs to in order to keep the universe spinning. Even if the “thing” itself doesn’t change—the way we see or deal with it does.”

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