December 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology 

Hello December—the last month of 2019 and the decade!

It’s time to celebrate the journey of it all and embrace the joy, challenge and truth we have come to discover to get to this point. With the energy of optimistic Sagittarius being highlighted, it’ll be important to find the positives in the journey while preparing for where we need to shoot our arrows of inspiration next. 

As we look ahead, December delivers quite a month of planetary energy! The last full moon of the year and decade centers on the dual sign of Gemini. It’s energy will create a communicative environment where all sorts of  information will need to flow. Chiron will also station direct in courageous Aries asking us to honor our wounds of the past but move into a place of healing. 

Get ready to close things out with new desires, passion and understanding of where the universe is asking you to go. With Jupiter making his annual sign change into “trekking up the mountain” Capricorn, it’s important to start getting in touch with some goals. A new wave of motivation begins with Uranus, the rebellious planet of freedom, moving into support Jupiter’s expansive nature to the fullest. 

December also delivers the Capricorn Solstice and change of seasons while opening the doors into eclipse season. On Christmas Day, Santa Claus will be delivering new chapters that are looking to begin anew. An eventful holiday season this will be indeed! The winds of change are swirling but our energies are aligning to be eager and exited about the possibilities of where we go next. 

December’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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