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The December 2017 Super Full Moon in Gemini Creates A Stir

Energy is building and new terrain is rapidly approaching. The amount of twists and turns I see as we head into 2018 is immense. We’ve got several big player planets changing signs (Saturn shifts this month!) and another one a few months after that (Uranus will move into Taurus in May). There is a lot of new energy out there to absorb and many of us are on overload as a result.

Something has to give in order to help us get to where we go to next. Which brings me to the here and now where I get to tell you all about this month’s star player – the December Super Full Moon in Gemini.

Here’s an excerpt from the December 2017 Full Moon Article in Member Horoscopes “Neptune Bubble Burst”:

On December 3rd the last Full Moon of 2017 and second of two Super Full Moons in a row comes onto the scene. It’ll bring a high energy in addition to important developments to help create a new twist in our ever-changing stories.

The dual-natured sign of Gemini is where the Moon will be shining bright—and for good reason. This is a two-sided Super Moon story and there will be two very different sides coming on strong.

Confusion, uncertainty and escapism will likely come along for the ride. This is because Neptune, the planet of illusions, will be enchanted by the Moon at this time.

With Neptune’s influence in play, someone out there could be chasing their fantasy—but neglecting to look at reality through the process. Things do not always appear as they really are and Neptune is usually the guy behind the façade. That vision that we carry around in our heads can sometimes end up being so very different than the way we originally saw it.

I call it the “Neptune Bubble Burst” and boy does is pop when the universe decides we’re ready to see things for what they really are.

Some of us are heading into a new kind of reality check because it’s time. Others will use this super charged moon energy to tap into other Neptunian themes such as the power of imagining up our biggest dreams. Maybe they are in reach and maybe they aren’t.

This full moon could be a turning point helping you decide WHERE to shoot your arrows of possibility next. And with Neptune working quite beautifully with Jupiter during this time, there are a lot of possibilities in the air. Some of us are going to probably have some of it land in our laps rather unexpectedly. Jupiter and Neptune working together are like magic. Things that might have had no chance before —now have the potential to become something more.

Full moons are turning points, after all. Decisions need to be made on whether to continue on the road you’re on or take a new exit. It’s going to be up to each of us personally, to integrate the positive and negatives of either decision. That’s where the free will thing comes into play. We’re always the ones in the driver seat making the final decision.

The thing that stares out me so blaringly bright with this moon, is that she’s a sign of where we go next. If you’re in need of some sort of hint factor, this Super Moon could help you shine a light on what to focus on. *Side note: It may not be precisely what you were thinking!

Given that I’m your faithful advisor to the planets, I’d like to help peer in a little closer into what’s really going on behind the scenes. This is especially the case for those who are coming to terms with the past and looking ahead into what’s going to happen next.

And this is the point where I need to mention that Mercury will begin his last retrograde of 2017 with this Full Moon.

I know … I hear you ….“Great” is a total understatement. I get it – Mercury retros are anything but fun. Sure, it’s possible that you can outrun Mercury’s tricks but sooner or later one of these pesky retrogrades will catch up to you. It’s all about when it’s your time to go back and redo things or make some new adjustments. Some of us get the pleasure of having to do that more often than others. Consider yourself lucky if you are one of the later.

As with all Full Moons, an important crossroads comes into our domain. Decisions usually need to be made about whether to take a particular exit or continue on the same path. If we exit, then a closure point happens and we begin to embark on something new. However, if we continue on, then we’re faced to deal with our situations in new kind of way.

Eventually everything changes.

It needs to in order to keep the universe spinning. Even if the “thing” itself doesn’t change—the way we see or deal with it does. That’s what 2017 has been all about and the honest truth friends is that it’ll continue to ramp up as we head into 2018.

The planets are aligning for change once again. But we’re much different at this point of the year then we were way back in the beginning. I think a lot of us are eager for something different — maybe there is even a bit of excitement in it. Things have happened over these last 11-12 months that have pushed us into it.

If we’re really honest, most of us want to step outside the realm of boring every one and again. Now, the universe is delivering the playing field to do so. But the time to take a major leap and bound to get to it isn’t here quite yet.

Saturn, the planet of patience and wisdom, will be whispering to Mercury at this time. Together they will be pushing more reality checks into our awareness. Use them to your advantage and slow down.

As I mentioned earlier, most of us are likely on overload anyway. This is a time to catch our breath and look around. We can use the moment to reassess all that’s happening or has already happened. The message is to stop for a bit and really ponder the new terrain.

With the sign of Sagittarius is coming in strong (4 planets will be in this sign at the point of the Full Moon) it’s important to be aware of the archer’s message. It’s his season after all. He doesn’t want us to stop believing in the possibilities. Despite the odds, he wants us to get excited about the potential of what’s coming up next.

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