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The December 2017 New Moon Delivers a Powerful Reboot of Energy

On December 17-18th (depending on your time zone) the visionary sign of Sagittarius will come onto the scene in greater ways than usual with the last New Moon of the year. Possibilities will be around for the taking and a new mindset has the potential to set in. It will activate the Galactic Center creating the perfect opportunity for us to rewire our body, mind and spirit.

New Moons are the time of month that initiate new beginnings but this one is a little more special than others. It’s also taking place during the final stretch of 2017’s last Mercury Retrograde which throws a few important twists in the story.

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Here’s an excerpt from the December 2017 New Moon Article in Member Horoscopes “Igniting our Galactic Center”:

If you’re in need of a subconscious reboot, the December New Moon is going to be just the ticket. It will ignite one of the most potent places of the universe – the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center is a massive black hole or vortex of super-charged energy which the Milky way revolves around. It’s representative of all energy being created, expanded and ultimately destroyed. It’s a significant power source that can help to initiate new beginnings and destroy old beliefs. Tapping into its potential can really help to forge us ahead.

We all have a Galactic Center embedded in our own personal astrology and the place that this New Moon is taking place in your chart ignites it. It’s a rather exciting discovery to know it’s there and an even bigger one to know that it’s being activated.

Galactic Center aside, this firey Sagittarius New Moon really helps to fuel our fire. It entices us to create a new vision and truth because of all the possibilities that are out there. Something is now asking us to look out in the distance and see if anything new pops up. Maybe it’s just a glimmer or a spark—but something gets ignited for each and every one of us here.

Sagittarius, the quintessential archer, knows how to shoot for the stars. He loves to shoot his arrow and see how far it will go time and time again. His strong beliefs always remind him that everything has the potential to be something better. Hope is out there waiting for us to grab a ahold of it.

The caveat of course is that sometimes Sagittarius can think a little too big and over reach the practicality of situations.

Let’s not discount him too quickly though.  The fact of the matter is that we need him around to muster up all the possibility. If we never make the decision to aim and shoot for something – we’ll never get anywhere.

Better to have tried and stumbled then never to have done anything at all.

Get out there and seek our something is what Sagittarius calls. And this is the energy we’ll need to tap into to feel the positive effects. Debbie downers need to stay away from this New Moon!

Another important planetary factor to make sure we’re seeing is what Saturn is up to.

He will be in his final moments of wearing his Sagittarius clothes. Just a few hours after the peak of this New Moon he will begin….

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ART CREDIT: Thank you Krista Rae for your awesome Galaxy Girl! She’s the perfect fit for helping us ignite our Galactic Center.

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