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The December 2017 Astrology is All About Wrapping Up A Year of Major Universal Spins

Change has been around us for nearly all of 2017. It’s been a battle to deal with all the energies coming at us all at once. Some moments have been better than others in maintaining our cool. With a Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde highlighting the last month of the year, I know we’re going to say good bye to 2017 with some show stopping fireworks. New twists and turns will likely come onto the scene, as well as, revelations into the past. It’s all part of the clean up that needs to take place to get us ready for the new territory we’re heading into. While we’re going to need to go back before we can move forward, it’s important to remember that new energies are indeed coming onto the scene.

Whether we realize it or not, the Universe is helping us forge our way into a very New Year. Momentous shifts are on the horizon that will create opportunities for some of us as well as challenges for others. It’s all about what kind of perspective we choose to take. A new way of existence is in motion and while it may be different, it’s already begun to take root. A lot of us have already experienced changes but are ready for more. The weeks ahead will be helping us see where things will go next. 

Through the midst of it all there is going to be a good dose of magic forging us on. One of the most special combinations begins to take root in December involving Jupiter and Neptune. New opportunities are in play helping us find optimism, empathy and hope in our situations.

Get ready Astro Peeps because the tides are a turning. It’s time to be open to a new perspective or be left out of a whole new existence that’s already begun. 

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The December 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Mars Oppose Uranus (Dec 1), Jupiter Neptune Trine (Dec 2), Mercury Retrograde (Dec 3), Gemini Super Full Moon (Dec 3), Sagittarius New Moon (Dec 17/18), Saturn Enters Capricorn (Dec 19) Sun Enters Capricorn/Solstice (Dec 21), Mercury Direct (Dec 22) Venus Saturn Conjunction / Christmas Day (Dec 25) & Mars Neptune Trine (Dec 28)

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Full Moon

DECEMBER 1st-3rd

December comes onto the scene with quite a bit of intensity! With action driven Mars and unpredictable Uranus in a bit of a scuffle, flare ups and sudden conflicts are likely. Thankfully, one of the most special energies of 2018 will begin on December 2nd to ease the burden. The lucky Jupiter will begin to make a magical combination with Neptune creating the beginning stages of one of the biggest opportunity factors of 2018. This is an energy that many of us will become enchanted by.

The biggest news of all will be the last Full Moon of the year, taking place on December 3rd. It will be another Super Moon and highlight the sign of Gemini! It’s time for another big awareness factor and the necessity to dive back into the past. Make sure to read the full article in Membership, Neptune Bubble Burst, showcasing all the details and tips to using it to your advantage.  The fun will just keep on getting better—because trickster Mercury will begin his last retrograde of 2017 at the same time. He’ll be helping us to close out our year with a basket full of tricks. As a result, meet ups from the past, redos, miscommunications and travel delays are all likely as we maneuver our way through the holiday season.

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DECEMBER 4th-10th

Emotions will run high on the tails of the last full moon of 2017. Chiron, the wounded healer, will station direct on December 4th helping to create an ocean of emotion. Mercury will also make his 2nd head on collision with Saturn on December 6th — adding an even bigger play of misunderstanding to the scene. The one thing to look forward to in all this ‘overload’ of emotional energy is Mercury’s opportunity connection to Uranus taking place on December 10th. Despite it all, things might start to look up here. Perhaps some good news comes in to lift our spirits.

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DECEMBER 11th-17th

Thankfully a holiday breather is in play during the week ahead! This is the point of the month where a calm comes in addition to some upbeat energy. I know that many of us will be needing it at this stage – so use it your advantage. On December 12th, the Sun will make an inferior conjunction with Mercury creating some important insights from the past. Sweet talk may be around for the taking on December 15th with Mercury meeting up with Venus. Given the Mercury Retrograde, you might want to be careful of believing everything you hear. Finally on December 16th, some excitement comes onto the scene with the Sun creating some opportunity factor with break free Uranus.

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DECEMBER 18th-24th

The karmic tides of change are blowing in! It’ll all begin with a special Sagittarius New Moon that ignites the Galactic Center on December 18th. This is a New Moon to get the details on because its energy is profoundly insightful into where we go next. Get the details in this very special new Moon in the member article: “Igniting Our Galactic Center.”

Another important shift will come out of Saturn’s change of signs on the tails of the December New Moon. The big change takes effect on December 19th and creates a totally new playing field. Get ready for one of the biggest shifts of the last 3 years. Energy is about to take on a completely new skin as a result of Saturn entering the sign of Capricorn —his home base sign and place he plays in best.

On top of all this, a change of seasons will also be in play. The Solstice, or entrance of the Sun into Capricorn, takes place on December 21stThis marks the shortest and darkest day of the year and a slow-down becomes necessary as a result.

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DECEMBER 25th-31st

The Capricorn energy will be coming onto the scene pushing us to celebrate the holidays on a more somber and serious note. The Goddess of Love enters the responsible and dutiful sign of Capricorn on December 24th. Santa Claus will deliver a bit more seriousness and ‘responsibility factor’ on December 25th. Someone might be getting some coal in their stocking rather than sweets!

Thankfully, the Moon will be dancing in Gemini as we close out our 2017! This will help us laugh, be witty and give a lighter feeling about the multi-faceted energy of all that we’ve encountered in 2017. With the sign of Gemini in play, the dual nature of the old and new will be running strong. It’ll ultimately be up to us to balance both out as we ring in the New Year! Happy 2018 Astro Peeps!

**Forward looking hints: Another Super Full Moon will peak on January 1st in addition to the “great awakener” Uranus station forward a few hours later. All that means our 2018 is coming onto the scene with a bang! 

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