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The February New Moon is a Wild Ride Filled with Opportunity and a Dare to Do Something Different

Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t like to play by the rules and it’s the one that dominates this New Moon Story. With SIX planets operating in the sign of the rebel, a dare to do something radically different comes to the forefront. Expect to encounter eccentric, brilliant and game changing all at the same time.

Alongside the dare will be the two greatest benefics, Jupiter and Venus, in an exact conjunction! Something opportunistic and perhaps connected to romance will be ripe the taking. Cupid’s arrow may be ready to strike! This New Moon is also Cazimi, which adds another twist of luck into the mix.

The February New Moon will work more to our advantage if we can think outside the box a bit and move out of our comfort zone. This is especially the case with Saturn and Uranus heading into their first square (a driving combination for 2021!). Not to mention – Mercury is still going retrograde! Go for the unconventional intention or solution —- even if it’s not your normal go to. Aquarius is a unique and rebellious sign that always finds a way to keep us guessing. His influence makes people do exactly the opposite of what we think they would. When Aquarius comes knocking, expect to become surprised by others—or surprise yourself!

The fact of the matter is that we’re all a little different, radical or rebellious (Aquarian traits) in some way or another.  Depending on our own personal astrology, this side of us can be easy to tap into or perhaps a little tricky to explore. Different can sometimes be uncomfortable –but these are the parts of us that are the most amazing.

This Aquarius February New Moon message reminds us that we need to remember to be true to ourselves because we are that special. From a bigger perspective it’s activating the place in our lives where we are being pushed to think differently or take on a new kind of awareness. This area getting activated will end up being a major theme of our 2021, so it’s important to be in tune with what you’re beginning here.

The Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox is now underway. It officially begins on February 12 (the day the New Moon occurs in Asia). The Ox in Chinese Astrology is similar to the Bull of Taurus in Western Astrology. Characteristics of an Ox year include hard work, loyalty, stubborn natured and productiveness. 

2021: Year of the Ox

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