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For ages, people have been looking up, down and all around for guidance. There are many directions we turn—but the ones leading the path to the symbology of Astrology and the spiritual messages of Crystals are the ones that have been around for the longest.

Being an Astrologer myself, I have discovered that some of life’s greatest learning tools are up in the sky beyond the reach of our naked eyes.

The stars and planets can be our guides if we’re willing to open up to their message. Each of the twelves signs of the Zodiac has helped to define and give us guidance into who we really are. Their astrological meaning has allowed us to find insights and patterns into our complicated lives. Astrology is a tool that not only encourages us to believe that there is a bigger picture in play—but helps us understand the influences that currently surround us.

When used properly, Astrology reveals that the universe is a powerful force continually helping to guide us through life’s ever complicated maze. However, our search for meaning and connection into the maze goes below just as much as it goes up—high into the sky.

The study and use of Crystals have lead many on a quest for meaning, as well as protection, that goes deep into the earth.

It is below the surface that we find the many Crystals and stones that have possessed and enchanted us all throughout time. The first crystals were made of amethyst, quartz, garnet, jade, jasper, lapis lazuli and emeralds. Each one held a special mystery that created a twinkle in the eye with a mere glance. To this day, they still hold a mystery over us as well as provide protection, influence and support.

While the mystical properties of Crystals have yet to be proven, science has proven that they vibrate energy at different frequencies. They can be used to transmit energy in many different forms of matter – including the human body.

Crystals are a powerful force.

They contain healing powers, provide grounding effects and become energy boosters all at the same time. On a simple level, their colors and beauty inspire and fascinate us. While on a deeper one, the energy they transmit can take us into a whole other spiritual and metaphysical plane. Connecting their power to our own personal astrology maximizes their benefits to the fullest.

My personal connection to Crystals began unexpectedly in a very magical and surreal kind of way.

Even though my name is Crystal, my connection to Crystals only really began when I met the Sisters Collective of New Zealand. Side note: Click here for the background into how we met.

It was through the Sisters, Carmelle & Adi, that I began to really discover the power and beauty of Crystals. I shared my knowledge of Astrology and in turn, they helped me to learn more about the beauty of stones and Crystals. Our connection continued to grow and eventually took me to the other side of the world to New Zealand. There I learned more about the beauty of some of the Earth’s most precious commodities.

The truth of the matter is that Crystals are much more than just a pretty thing to wear.

Crystals, as well as stones, symbolize our connection to the Earth and the beauty that surrounds us. They aren’t always born dazzling and glittery like we sometimes think either. Crystals and precious gems most often begin as rocks and stones that literally came out of the earth.

Crystals Begin as Rocks From the Earth

Understanding more about our Crystals and stones true origins can help us appreciate their inner as well as outer beauty.

At the same time, they can help us connect to both the earth and sky through our own personal astrology. This happened for me personally when I visited Castle Hill in New Zealand and saw some of the biggest limestone boulders or rocks as most people referred to them as. Upon entering the vast park, I’ll never forget Carmelle of the Sisters Collective telling me, “Crystal if you want crystals you’ll get them here.” Click here to Read more about my New Zealand discoveries. 

Limestone Boulders at Castle Hill in New Zealand

It was in that magical place, filled with some of the earth’s greatest treasures, that I learned about the true power and grounding effects of Crystals. Together, with the Sisters, we connected Astrology to their influences. Combining both the earth and the sky with Crystals and Astrology has been personally fulfilling as well as grounding.

Today, I wear my Crystals and stones from New Zealand every day. When I do personal readings, I also make sure to have my Crystals and stones close to my heart. They help me to open up my chakras, give insight, ground me to the earth and combat challenging influences that may be around.

I can honestly say that having some of the Earth’s treasures around me has added a new dimension and fulfillment to my life. They help me to remember that we are all connected to the Earth as well as each other in some big or small way. Continue the journey into Crystal Astrology with me and discover more about the Astrology Crystal Connection.

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