Crystal B. Across the World

Crystal B. connects  with people all over the world sharing her astrological insights.

Here you can find all of the countries that Crystal has connected with through both her personal readings and membership portal. Her Sagittarius Moon has helped her gifts travel both near and far.  Whether you are an expert in the English language or not—Crystal always finds a way to communicate your planetary message in a simple and easy way.

Hello Crystal! I am a big fan of yours and follower from Monte Carlo in Europe. Thank you so much for all your posts and updates. They are fabulous ! I love reading you! Thank you again for all your amazing work. You are gifted ! Best regards from Monte Carlo

Dear Crystal, after our  little chat I signed up for the membership. I was hesitant because my English sometimes lacks vocabulary especially when it comes to astrology. But I am happy I did. Well, let me say: bravo !!! I have just been reading my June forecast and as a Libra I can say you are totally right. It is so accurate it is even a bit scary. Seems like you know my agenda ! You’re doing a great job and yes I agree with you that your forecasts are done with love !