Astrology Jewelry by Sign and Date

Astro Jewels

Astro Jewels, Crystals Astrology Jewelry by sign and date

Each Astro Jewels Piece contains a unique Crystal and Stone Combination

Every sign of the Zodiac holds certain characteristics that we all want to enhance and tap into. Click each sign below to discover each Astro Jewels ‘crystal stone’ combination and what it means. 

Have questions after looking at the crystal astrology jewelry? Learn more about the Sisters Collective jewelry designers, crystals in astrology, and some Astro Jewels FAQs.

Special Notes: In order to find the maximum potential of your Crystal Astrology by Sign use our Personal Astrology Chart Calculator to generate your unique chart. By looking at your personal chart, you can truly see what sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth. Keep in mind that the dates of each Sun sign do not remain the same every year. *To understand more about it and how you may be what I refer to as a ‘2-for-1 special’ click here to read: Born on the Cusp

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