Crystal Astrology Sagittarius Astro Jewels

Sagittarius Astro Jewels Special Crystal + Stone Combination

Amethyst (insight, spirituality, higher realms), red garnets (success in business, passion), black pearls (partnership, fidelity), smoky quartz (Diffusing fear, and connection with spirit)

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac.

A mutable-fire sign, Sagittarius is ruled by the largest and most optimistic planet Jupiter. Sagittarius’ natural enthusiasm and curiosity push it to seek out adventure and possibility. Natural born archers, they are always shooting their arrows into the wide open world to see just how far they’ll go. Sagittarius’ desire to travel and explore new cultures and philosophies throws them into many different adventures. Their natural humor and ability to see the lighter side of life is contagious.

Sagittarius Key Traits Include:

Generous, positive, sense of adventure, optimistic, restless, idealistic, explorer, spontaneous, funny, sarcastic, impatient, addictive, exaggerator and can sometimes lack diplomacy.

Dates: November 22 to December 21 Element: Fire Ruling Planet: Jupiter (Abundance, Positivity, Good Luck)

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