Crystal Astrology Leo Astro Jewels

Leo Astro Jewels Special Crystal + Stone Combination

Gold sunstone (Leadership, life-force, business and magic), Gold hematites (magnetism), Citrine (Abundance, prosperity, wealth), Pale amazonite for balance (Wisdom and understanding)

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac.

A fixed, fire sign Leo is the ultimate King (or queen) of the Zodiac. It is a true visionary who commands universal attention and love. Most importantly is its ability to be a natural born leader. Theatrics and drama are embedded in this sign’s dynamic as well as a highly creative flair. They enjoy having fun and being playful. Many Leos are children at heart and feel very connected to youth.

Leo Key Traits Include:

Generous, creative, loyal, self-confident, charismatic, dramatic, attractive, flamboyant, funny, grandiose, egotistical, stubborn and vain.

Dates: July 23 to August 22 Element: Fire Ruling Planet: Te Ra – the Sun (Identity, Life, Vitality, Ego/Self)

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