Crystal Astrology Aries Astro Jewels

Aries Astro Jewels Special Crystal + Stone Combination

Citrines, Sunstones (abundance, energy, cleansing)Tigers eye (grounding)

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac.

Aries is a cardinal-fire sign ruled by the planet of action, Mars. It is the sign best-known for new beginnings, being pioneering and initiating things. It’s the place where everything begins.

Aries Key Traits Include:

Strength, self, initiation, independence, action, work, strength, courage, determination, enthusiasm, optimism, honesty, impulsiveness, aggression, short temper, moodiness and impatience.

Dates: March 21 to April 19 Element: Fire Ruling Planet: Mars (Mauri -Life-force, Action, Drive)

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Astro Jewels Single
Pick the Jewel that Speaks to You the Loudest. Keep in mind it’s OK if you don’t connect to your Sun Sign First.
Some Recommendations for Single Wear Include:
- Sun Sign
- Moon Sign
- Rising Sign
- Progressed Moon Sign (the 2.5yr phase you’re in)
- Partner’s Sign – or Person - You’re Looking to Connect to
- Intuiting a Specific Influence or Theme (abundance, family, relationship, etc)
Astro Jewels Double
Double Up for a Greater Astrological Crystal Connection. We personally recommend wearing 2 to combine astrological influences.
Some Recommendations for Double Up Include:
- Sun + Rising Sign
- Sun + Moon Sign
- Rising + Moon Sign
- Progressed Moon + Moon Sign
- Partner’s Sign + Sun Sign
- Double Sign (wear 2 of the same sign)
Astro Jewels Triple
Triple Up to really Intuit the Strongest Astrological Influences Running through you at any given time.
Our Recommendations for Tripling Up Include:
Sun + Rising + Moon
Rising + Moon + Progressed Moon
Sun + Moon + Partner’s Sign
Children’s Signs + Your Sign
Sun + Progressed Moon + Theme Your Looking to Connect to
Double Sun, Double Moon, Double Rising + Progressed Moon