cleaning relationship cobwebs - cold snow cobwebsThere has been a lot of scrutiny on relationships lately – all sorts of relationships including the ones we have with ourselves.

Situations – particularly longstanding ones involving lovers, partners, friends and family members are all under the microscope.  A lot of things have been happening all at once and it’s causing some mayhem.

Old hurts are re-surfacing and inner resentments re-examined …. and for many of us it involves other people and what they may have done in the past.

There are some thick cobwebs being dusted out and it’s intense.

Things are being “rebooted” and “realigned” in some shape or another and a lot of it has to do with clearing out the past. New situations have begun to crop up that are throwing people back in time but giving them the ability to see things a little differently.

There is something else that I also keep seeing crop up in charts lately … and the funny thing is it’s not even a planet. His name is Chiron and he’s powerful when it comes to hurts of the past.

Chiron, an asteroid most often referred to as the Wounded Healer, is a force in our personal astrology that holds deep dark secrets and emotional hurts.

I’ll get to the “Wounded Healer” explanation in a bit.  What I want you to absorb for the moment is that Chiron’s placement in our astrology reveals where some of our most profound wounds of the past are – as well as where we are able to heal from them.

His powerful energy is too often overlooked when it comes to our personal astrology.  Part of the reason he gets overlooked so much is probably because a) he isn’t a planet and b) he’s just misunderstood.

Chiron’s placement is proof of our pain and suffering but it comes in many different shapes and forms.  It could be physical or emotional …. it could involve a particular person or several people who represent the same issue.  It could also stem from a situation you continually find yourself in.  BUT at the end of the day the main issue usually started in your childhood somewhere.

If you have some pain in your past Chiron’s influence might be able to help you overcome it.

His effect in our lives is powerful in that when he’s triggered we feel it in big ways.  Deep seeded emotions are released – out of nowhere.  We could suddenly be thrown back into the cobwebs of our past and be forced to clean them out in some way or another. It could be because of an actual event or something just triggers your psyche to release it.

Now let’s get back to the WOUNDED HEALER part – Chiron’s popular nickname.

Even though Chiron’s influence involves pain it also is the catalyst that allows us to get over it. The way he’s operating right now, along with all the retrogrades, is triggering the past. It’s all bubbling up to the surface now — which can be very painful.

The beauty, however, in the release is that once it comes out we feel lighter and freer … and that’s where the healing part comes in.

The Wounded Healer in many of us is in play right now.  Despite the initial emotional release being triggered, Chiron will be helping many of us work through long-standing issues in order to make way for the new things that are in store for us.

So if you hate cleaning like me, hang in there, the deep clean is almost over.  You might be quite surprised in how much better things look when it’s all said and done.

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