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New Beginnings Set Into Motion with a Christmas Capricorn Solar Eclipse

On the night of December 25th, 2019, the Moon and Sun will collide igniting a powerful New Moon or partial Solar Eclipse. In my mind’s eye, I see a circle of hope surrounding this new beginning despite some of the intensity surrounding it. This Capricorn New Moon begins the tale of the next eclipse season, opening the door to reveal what we need to explore in 2020.

Some of us will be embracing what’s on the other side, while others will go into the next with a heavy heart. With many serious combinations building, our stories are continuing to unravel. New discoveries and important revelations are awaiting. Eclipse season always has a way of delivering the unexpected. 

Things are breaking down—but their is a light surrounding this celestial story saying that a rebuild is looking to take over. At the stage of this opening cycle, evidence of what we need to rebuild is now all around.

Manifestation energy will be strong, since Capricorn is the sign that can create anything. Use it to your advantage. The chance to bring our manifestations to life is now becoming very REAL. Be aware of the signs calling out at you at this juncture. Eclipses are known for calling our attention in areas we need to look. A new decade is on the horizon and this power moon helps kick start our intentions into areas that are looking to rise up in 2020.

Learn more about this Christmas Capricorn Solar Eclipse December 2019 and where your new beginnings are taking place in your astrology. Get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only New Moon video and learning visuals.

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