If you’ve been feeling some intense change in your life lately – there’s likely a “monster” planet … or two … or three behind it. 

Their influence can be quite challenging but their reward can certainly make up for it. All of the planets bring with them a message (and a few action pack events) when they come around to “play” with us. Most of the time, the biggest part of what they are trying to tell us has something or another relating to change.

Now I don’t know about you – but I find change rather difficult no matter if it’s something that’ll benefit me in the long run or not.  Shakeups, breakups and basically anything that rattles us can be quite destabilizing. Let’s face it – is there REALLY anyone out there that likes that?


The influence surrounding these “change monster” planets is anything but fun and their essence can make us a tad batty when we’re caught up in it.  Change, unfortunately, usually comes in a crazy a$$ package dressed up scarier than most of the ghosts and goblins you’ll be seeing this Halloween Season.


Let’s take a look at some of these “change monsters” who don’t really need to do much to bring an element of craze into our life.  BUT REMEMBER that while these planets surely do have a nasty side – they also have a rather rewarding side as well. When their benefits come (and they always do!) we are grateful for the [email protected] they put us through and tend to be rather forgiving.  So don’t get too hung up on  the monster side of these unruly planets.  They all have the ability to clean up rather nicely and put on quite an attractive show in our lives.  We actually need them for the biggest and most beneficial changes to occur.


So without further ado, here’s the line-up of my CHANGE MONSTER planets.  Let’s take a look at who they’ve been messing with us as well as who they will be rewarding for their valiant efforts.

Pluto & Uranus:

These two powerhouse planets pack a nasty monster punch ALONE when they are showing their challenging side.  But they’ve been operating TOGETHER since 2012 (aka: Pluto Uranus Square) which makes their bitter cocktail a little harder to swallow.  They will meet up two more times before they finally come to a truce so we’re not out of the woods just yet.  If you’ve felt like you’ve been forced into changing or accepting something (that you likely thought you never would)then it’s probable these two have had an impact on you.

Pluto is the ultimate CHANGE monster.  He breaks us down in order to build us back up.  If you’ve ever had something important taken from you or been forced into having to rebuild something – Pluto’s probably been the culprit.  Uranus is the SHOCK and AWE monster.  He acts quickly and shockingly.  When he’s been in play in your life you tend to say “WTF” just happened.  He makes your jaw drop and has the tendency to make you do triple takes in absorbing what he’s done. You can see how things can get a little crazy when these two mix right?

Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer have felt the effects of these two change monsters the strongest. If you had some major changes going on in your life at these times – you can bet that Pluto and Uranus were in play in your astrology: June 2012, Sept 2012, May 2013, Nov 201, April 2014 December 2014 and March 2015.

The good news is that Pluto and Uranus have finally come to an understanding and if you felt intensity during one or all of these periods know that you’re in a rebuilding phase and good things will come out of your struggles. Signs that stand to gain big time in the near future from these change monsters include: Taurus, Virgo, Leo & Sagittarius.


Saturn is the well dressed monster who’s influence allows us to get in touch with what we subconsciously want.  The problem is – most of us don’t really understand what it that we really want and it’s a rather difficult process to find out.  It’s our subconscious after all – things that are brewing beneath the façade aren’t that easy to see or understand.  Saturn has an uncanny way of swooping in and cleaning things out in order to get things on the proper path.

My Sagittarius friends have been dealing with Saturn since November of 2014 and will continue to feel his effects over the next 2.5+ years or so.  My Scorpio friends  dealt with him on and off since Oct 2012 and have gone through immense soul growth as a result.  Saturn will pop back into Scorpio in June of 2015 for a quick recap but head back out into Sagittarius mid September 2015.

Aquarius, Leo and Taurus have also felt his influence over this time and thankfully your Saturn issues are pretty much complete.  Cancer & Pisces have actually felt his rewarding side on and off these last several years and if any of you have come to a place of achievement in some place in your life – it’s because of Saturn’s touch.

While Saturn’s in Sagittarius, the fire signs of Leo and Aries will have the potential to reap some success and achievement for hard work of prior years.


Neptune is the tricky and deceitful little monster.  The biggest problem with Neptune is that he moves so damn slow.  If you have ever been under a state of confusion for a rather long and drawn out period of time, Neptune was probably the planet behind your haziness.  He dissolves and erodes in a very long painstaking way.  Most of the time you want to just throw your hands up and say ENOUGH but unfortunately he usually still has a way to go.  He confuses us and most often bursts our happy little bubble. He can bring awareness and make us see things clearly …. rather than sugar coating and fluffing up the negatives.

He’s been messing with Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini intermittently and will continue to do so for a while.  On the plus, he’ll be helping my Cancer and Scorpio friends.

And for the record Neptune is one of the biggest astrological influences for a good love affair of any type.  If you’re looking for your love potion #9, you need this tricky monster’s touch to give you that swooning effect 😉

The lineup is complete and I hope you gained a little insight into who’s been messing with you.  Remember that every challenge has a reward and if you can’t feel the upside yet … it’s coming.  I’ve never known a planet to not give a little positive pay pack in some way or another.