Today I am Celebrating a Decade of Crystal B Astrology

Ten years ago, on November 20, 2009, I bought my URL  I only remembered because the credit card I had on file to renew my site was about to expire. In that instant of getting prompted to renew,  I saw my original date and thought to myself, “WOW I made it this long.” Ten years of writing, ten years of commenting & connecting, ten years of updating, ten years of everything ASTROLOGY.

Sometimes we need that WOW moment … and looking back (thank u Mercury retro!) on all that we accomplished when in the beginning we never thought we could. Thank you ❤️ to all my friends, both old and new, for helping me build my own Astro community. I’ll never forget the first comment I got on one of my posts and thinking that someone liked what I had to say. I have read every comment since then and appreciated them all. 

Life certainly looks different from all those ten years ago and I appreciate it. The web is changing and all the social media avenues that come along with it. My mutable Pisces has kept me going with the flow, adjusting and adapting to all of it. While my Capricorn rising kept me patient and perseverant as I climbed up the mountain of the complicated internet. Thankfully, my Sagittarius Moon pushed me to keep finding new inspiration and shooting for my own set of stars.  I love having my own little place on the internet and while I’ve made thousands of mistakes— I wouldn’t change a thing about the journey. began as an escape and grew to be so much more.

Cheers to the last decade and fingers crossed 🤞 for another one to come 🎉 If you love something and believe it … go after it … despite the odds. Do it for YOU first and the rest will follow. 

Happy Birthday!