Astrology Basics

Astrology Basics

Astrology Basics is the perfect place to begin if you don’t know too much about your personal Astrology.  Astrology can be complicated – I totally get that!  However, my mission is to always simplify the message of the planets in the easiest way that I...

Using Astrology To Find A Job

Using Astrology to find a job is possible.  I know there are a lot of people out there, particularly in today’s economy, who are looking for a job.  I myself have been caught up in the search since being a full time astrologer is not always possible.  While...

Astrology Square and Trying to Outrun Them

An Astrology Square is typically something we’d all like to run far away from.  Now let me explain and I’ll try to give you the shortest version possible 😉  In Astrology there are conjunctions, trines and squares and these are the three biggest planetary...

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