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The Capricorn Solstice and change of season takes place on December 21st, 2017

That means it’s time to say hello to a new season—in addition to a new wave of energy. A change of season always brings an important shift into play—and there is no better time to tune into. The winds of change are blowing in and many of us feel them kicking up.

With the Sun’s entrance in Capricorn, a change of consciousness and overall energy will begin to reveal itself. It’s GO time in many ways. Not only is Capricorn a sign of action but Mercury will begin going direct just hours after this seasonal shift takes place. After a rough 3 week patch of Mercury Retrograde madness, it’s finally time to move forward.

And there is no better time with a new year approaching.

Seasonal shifts always bring a new look and feel to the scene of life. With the sign of Capricorn coming in, we’re going to start to immerse into the energy of this sign like never before. While Capricorn is traditionally known as the ambitious and driven sign – it’s also known for its wisdom.

Capricorn is old soul territory and known for being wise beyond its years.

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While we’re not all Capricorns – we all have an inner wisdom we can tap into. Capricorn knows what has to be done to get things accomplished and it has both the focus and discipline to do it. This is the point where many of us will really begin to seriously take action into making all our 2018 “New Year’s Resolutions” real. 

It’s even more important now to get in tune with the Capricorn energy right now. With Saturn newly immersed in this sign, we’re all embarking upon a new 3 yr cycle of Capricorn energy.

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