Capricorn Solstice: Embracing a New Set of Rules on a Very Different Platform

The Capricorn Solstice and change of season takes place on December 21st, 2019

That means it’s time to say hello to a new season—in addition to a new wave of energy. A change of season always brings an important shift into play—and it’s an opportune time to become more aware. This is especially the case with eclipse season beginning on December 25th. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn will be setting the stage for new beginnings and culminations into the intense chapters we’ve faced all year. The winds of change have blown up our worlds in more ways than one in 2019.

With the Sun’s entrance in Capricorn, a change of consciousness and overall energy soon begins to reveal itself.

The themes of the next three months become visible with the solstice chart revealing a massive collection of Capricorn energy.  This solstice picture represents a need for a totally new set of rules on a very different platform. The Scorpio Moon will be in opposition to Uranus, the planet of change—creating an emotional necessity to step outside the box.

Thankfully, the great change agent Uranus will be in a harmonious trine to all the Capricorn energy. This gives us an important and realistic approach to what needs to happen for long lasting and beneficial change to take place. 

It’s now GO time in many ways. Capricorn is a sign of action and a star player as we look out into the season ahead. 

Seasonal shifts always bring a new look and feel to the scene of life. With the sign of Capricorn coming in, we’re going to start to immerse into the energy of this sign like never before. While Capricorn is traditionally known as the ambitious and driven sign – it’s also known for its wisdom.

Learn Why the Capricorn Influence Leads Us Into 2020

While we’re not all Capricorns – we all have the potential to tap into the influence of this sign.

Capricorn knows what has to be done to get things accomplished and it has both the focus and discipline to do it. This is the point where many of us will really begin to seriously take action into making all our 2020 “New Year’s Resolutions” real. 

It’s even more important now to get in tune with the Capricorn energy.

Major eclipses and planetary transits will continue to bring this sign into the spotlight as we head into 2020 and beyond. Anyone born under this sign or having it prominent in their astrology will end up going through some of the biggest changes of their life as a result. 

No matter what our signs and influences, we all have the energy of Capricorn living somewhere in our personal astrology. Take a look at your personal astrology chart to find where the sign of Capricorn lives.

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