A New Season comes into play with the Sun’s entrance into the sign of Cancer.

On June 21, 2019, a seasonal shift takes place immersing us into a totally new type of energy. Some refer to it as the Cancer Solstice and others the Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere). Whatever we choose to call it, it’s an opportunity to give thanks and honor our emotions and connectivity to those we care about. It’s also a time to embrace a new chapter of the year. A new crossroads arrive and a pause will be necessary as we go ahead.

The Solstice is a perfect time to “reset” and make our intentions for the coming months. It’s a time of resurgence and optimism as we head into the next season. Seasonal shifts are great opportunities to embrace a new energy and make a fresh start. This particular shift will create extra waves of emotion with Neptune (the ruler of the sea) turning retrograde at the exact same time. It’ll be important to embrace the moment and take a breather—- because of high level of uncertainty may fill the air. Contemplate your next move carefully vs. jumping in feet first.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun’s rays are strongest during the solstice making it “the longest day of the year.”  Despite all of the other planetary energies in effect, this is a good time to tap into the Sun’s light and feel a positive vibe. Old patterns and structures of thinking will continue to break down with Saturn and Pluto’s influence along with the Moon’s Nodes. However, Uranus will continue to be a prominent influence helping us reinvent things. Things are continuing to change — but so are we. We can use the protective energy of the sign of Cancer, along with all of its other attributes, to help us keep moving along.

New chapters are beginning to unfold but we’re all going to be pressed to look within before we get to make any progress. With two impactful eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde on the summer planetary menu, we’re going to need some power fuel to help recharge our vision of where we go next. By early August, Jupiter (operating in his BEST sign) will move direct and begin a major shift of opportunity that will extend till the end of 2019.

The positive and emotionally strengthening energy of the Solstice can help us refill our energy tanks, embrace the moment and remember to honor our feelings.  Setting intentions and honoring the present is a great way to make use of this powerful time of light. Honor the moment and make an intention to take care of yourself and those you love through this powerful time of change.


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