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January Heats Up with a Cancer Full Moon Eclipse That’ll Deliver High Energy + High Emotion

On January 10th, a little over a week into the new decade, a super-charged protective, emotional and female centered Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer kicks us into action.  It arrives with a special message for the year ahead with a BIG push. Go with the flow and be ready for the unexpected.

With Uranus, the planet that likes to shock and awe, stationing direct — surprises may be in store.

We’re ready to take things to the next level—but a push comes onto the scene to take us there. The area in our personal astrology being activated with this eclipse has been under pressure for quite some time. Think back to July 2019 (get reacquainted with July’s Solar Eclipse) and what was taking place at that time. This Cancer Full Moon Eclipse is now asking us to make the most of what we’ve got and gear up for something more.

Pay attention to the themes cropping up at this time, as it will be an important marker for the year ahead. Interestingly enough, 2020 begins with a Cancer Full Moon & ends with one too. The emotional and protective nature of this sign demands attention in the coming months.

This Cancer Full Moon Eclipse January 2020 is also a powerful catalyst and sign that change has arrived.

Just a few days after the peak of this high intensity full moon, the peak of the Saturn Pluto conjunction finally arrives. Tear downs are coming so rebuilds can set into motion. It’s time to decide on whether we’re ready to embrace a new beginning or stay stuck in the past.

I know that we’ll teeter for a bit on the scales – because all full moons pull us in two directions. The sign of Cancer is also a worrier and gets caught up in the “feels.” AND the fact of the matter is that this moon is being stared down by some almighty forces—so the feels are certainly warranted! But a distinct decision comes into breaking patterns of the past and standing up for what we need to do next.

Learn more about how this high energy is effecting your sign and where the first full moon of 2020 takes place in your astrology. Get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only Cancer Full Moon Eclipse January 2020 video and learning visuals.

Where Will You Rise Up in the New Decade?

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