Cancer August 2020 Horoscope

Staying Clear of Emotional Traps & Trusting My Instincts

Cancer, I have no doubt that you will be happy to say good-bye to a very difficult and emotional July. It’s time to brace your way forward into the next. August is a time to feel a new kind of inspiration and tune into an improved instinctual drive to keep going. Trust your instincts as you forge into the next. They are sharp and knowing. While part of you may feel like you’re driving with the blinders on, you always find a way to get to your next destination. My advice, as you forge ahead, is to avoid the emotional traps that will be looking to find you. Forces that are out of your control will still continue to surround you. But new opportunities to stay clear of getting sucked into the emotional abyss now comes onto the scene.

August also delivers a playing ground that encourages you to begin manifesting new ways of earning income. Be in tune with money as there will be more attention on what you’re spending, as well as how much you’re bringing in. New sparks are now in the process of lighting up your house of resources and possessions. New desires are surrounding you to make more money ….and potentially spend it. New thoughts about what’s necessary and what’s not will begin to creep into your head. You might even decide to disconnect from materialistic things and focus on things of a more non-material value. Experiences might be worth more to you than something tangible. A turning point with joint resources, or something you own with someone else will likely surface in the beginning of the month with a wild Full Moon.

You might also find your thoughts gravitating towards things that you value most now. This is especially the case with Venus beginning her travels through your sign. Some planetary sweet spots are in store as the Goddess of Love & Beauty starts swimming in your part of the ocean. Remember your boundaries, however. Venus will get caught up in those emotional intensities later in the month that you’ll need to be ready to accept.

August’s Most Important Turning Points for Your Sign
 *For greater detail scroll down for extra insight and videos into the moon’s phases and monthly Hot Spot Dates

On August 1 Mercury, in your sign, will be making a strong opposition to Pluto. Intense thoughts, including fears of the unknown may surround you. Watch for letting your thoughts go out of control. Try not to forecast the worst.

On August 3 an Aquarius Full Moon creates a major focus on themes joint resources, intimacy & help from others. Get ready to go WILD with this one! More details and links to video below …

Mercury finally leaves your sign and changes his wardrobe on August 4. This will be a welcome thing if you’ve been stuck in heavy emotional communications. Now the communication guru will begin to influence the same area the Sun is influencing – your house of money, resources & values. Expect things to start moving a little quicker in regards to resources coming your way. Be careful, though because Mercury is QUICK and just as fast as money can come in …. It can go right back out!

On August 7, Venus also makes an important sign change (something she hasn’t done since April!) It’s time for YOU to start getting the planet of love’s FULL attention, as she travels through your sign. It’s time to embrace a very special energy that will now surround you. Venus will be helping you look good and attractive to others! You’ll also find that you have a great desire to relate to others and be looking to have a good time with friends. Venus is calling you to find more joy vs. doing more work. If you can find a little fun time, go for it. The only caveat is that later in the month (beginning on Aug 25), she’ll go up against Jupiter, Pluto & ultimately Saturn (in early September). Ouch! Check out my Hot Spot Dates below for the ins & outs.

On August 11, a Fourth Quarter Moon in Taurus will be asking you to find some grounding or stabilization. An opportunity may surface that helps you find some necessary roots ….. or something sweet to indulge in!

On August 13, go-getter Mars will begin to rub shoulders in the wrong way with powerhouse Pluto. Expect either to be fiercely motivated to tackle a great challenge or roadblocked into going where you want to. The forces surrounding you will be great. It’ll be up to you to tackle what’s in your control vs. what’s not.

On August 15, Uranus (the planet that likes to SHAKE things UP) stations retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Some unexpected encounters have the potential to find all of us. Watch for insights into themes pertaining to friends, associations & groups you belong to. Click here for more detailed info surrounding the Uranus in Taurus transit.

August 17 marks a Sun + Mercury collision creating new information and insight in your house of money, resources and values.

One of my favorite New Moons of 2020 takes place on August 18.  Aim high with this loud, proud & courageous renewal New Moon. Set your intentions and expect extra attention into this month’s highly active themes involving money and resources. A new money-making venture may be in store or potentially additional income comes your way! More details and video below …

Serious plans are looking to be made and details looking to be uncovered as the sign of Virgo begins to hit the scene! On August 19, communicator Mercury enters this sign and then the Sun follows on August 22. This will start putting new attention into themes surrounding communications, neighbors and potentially siblings.

Expect a high energy day on August 25, with a Second Quarter Moon stirring your pot! Lots of thoughts may begin swirling along with new truths surfacing.  An opportunity do something outside of your norm arrives. Try not to overthink it.

Some magic sprinkles come onto the scene on August 27, with mystical Neptune forming a magical trine with sweet ruling Venus operating in your sign. A silver lining may surface on the harsh reality of situations.

Watch for intensity as the month of August closes out. On August 30, Venus (operating in your SIGN) will come head to head with powerhouse Pluto in an opposition. This may create tension, as well as disconnects in your needs vs. those of others. A distancing may be very necessary.

**Special Note: Mars goes retrograde next month, beginning on September 9 …. get all the details below and know what to expect!

Themes involving joint and shared resources come into play for you with this month’s Full Moon. Money or things that you possess are likely heavily on your mind at this time. A balancing act may surface involving things you co-own with others vs. your values and desires. The area of your astrology surrounding other people’s resources now comes to a turning point. Maybe you’ve been receiving help from someone and you decide you no longer need it. Something could be in the process of ending or completion because Full Moons tend to close things out.

This is also the area of investments and you might decide to relook at your financial holdings and make a new plan of some sort in order to gain more financial control or power. Additionally, this area of your chart that relates to, divorce and endings of people you know. This part of your astrology also connects to the realm of endings – but at the same time it’s a place of transformation and new beginnings that are built on a stronger foundation.

Sexual intimacy is also connected to this area and it’s possible that this Full Moon pushes you to take a relationship to a deeper and more intimate level.  You could find out some new truths about your sexual side or be driven to explore this area more.

This New Moon will highlight the area of your astrology connected to resources, wealth and things or people that you value most. Money as well as your value system will be themes that will be on your mind. Perhaps you decide to make a new big purchase and acquire something new that you feel connected to with this New Moon.

Additionally, you might start a new endeavor to make money or start looking at what makes you more marketable in the job market. There’s a high focus on your finances and things that you value – which as I mentioned earlier are not always money related. Your Axis of Desire is also triggered with this New Moon so the possibility of gaining something you really want or desire is probable or at least heightened.


Given that we all have many sign’s influences running through us, it’s always important to look at the whole range of planetary aspects taking place. Our personal astrology charts usually contain the influences of many signs. With the Moon making so many moves all month long, give more attention to aspects affecting your fellow Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn).