Breaking Through With the Janaury Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: January 5 2019

Artwork by Jennifer Henrikesn

The January Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Gets 2019 With Intensity

It takes place on January 5, 2019 right along side the “awakening planet”, Uranus, turn direct (exact on January 6). Eclipse season is officially in motion and whatever happens here sets the stage for a very important new beginning. 

The over whelming amount of Capricorn energy that surrounds this important 2019 lunar kick off has potential to build us up … as well as bring us down. Capricorn is a sign that means business and wants long term commitment. If you’re looking to begin something and be in it for the LONG RUN—-use this powerful energy fuel to set your goals, make a plan and get it started.

Seeds to something very special now have the potential to be planted. 

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s January New Moon Solar Eclipse Article “Breakthrough”in Member Horoscopes…

Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them—a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. 

Muhammad Ali

A major break-through moment comes onto the 2019 scene early

On January 5, a powerful Solar Eclipse in Capricorn will be taking over both the sky and our energy plane. Important beginnings are now setting into motion. A buzz will begin to build a few days prior because important developments are in the making. This isn’t just any ‘ol buzz either. What’s in store is something profound and quite possibly very different than anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Change is all around and what happens here begins the important tale of our 2019 stories—and beyond.

When we look at the planetary picture of what this powerful black out moment reveals it’s quite spectacular — in a Capricorn kind of way. It’s got FIVE planets nestled tight all in the sign that likes hard work and action.  The universe has now created the perfect arena for us to push up our sleeves and get into “DO SOMETHING” mode. Despite any fear or uncertainty, an opportune moment arrives to take the reins and steer ourselves into a new direction.

Sometimes, however, the universe lays out signs to showcase where we need to focus our attention.

Eclipses are notorious for shifting our focus into new areas. While part of us may be dead set on one thing — something may begin cropping up that says “hey look over here instead.”

Powerful messages or signs will indeed be coming through at this time. With Uranus, the planet of awakenings and chaos, stationing direct at the same time as the eclipse things are going to get interesting. Prepare to be on your toes and get a big push into possibly taking a major leap into something radically different….

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