Benefits of Mercury RetrogradeI know that Mercury Retrograde Periods can be a beast of burden – but there are some benefits if we can change our perspective just a bit.

There is no doubt that many of us dread the trickster planet’s miscommunication period. However, through the years, I have come to see some benefits come into play during in and every retrograde. Here’s my TOP 5 things that I see as the benefits of Mercury Retrograde.

TOP 5 Mercury Retrograde Benefits

1. Recover or Find Lost Things

We all lose things and Mercury Retrograde is a time when that something long lost can suddenly reappear. It’s a great feeling to finally say “FOUND IT!”

2. Reconnect with People of the Past

Old friends, lovers, co-workers and anyone of the distant past can suddenly come back ’round. Time and time again I see this happening for myself as well as others around me. It’s always neat to see just who pops up during this time. 

3. Reinvent Something Tossed Aside a Long Time Ago

Finding a new use for something you haven’t used in a long while is a great benefit that comes along with Mercury Retrograde. This happens to me with clothes and jewelry in particular. Pieces I no longer wear suddenly come back into my focus and I use them for a new look. It’s a lot cheaper to use what you have vs. going out and buying something new.

4. Taking a Time Out to Reassess Things

Mercury Retrogrades are really a time “not to push” the envelope. Rather it’s a perfect time to take your own adult “time out” and reassess things that are working and what’s not.

5. Remembering the Past

Memories always crop up during Mercury Retrograde. There are many triggers that make this happen. We can suddenly end up in places of the past and go back in time for a bit. Old songs can suddenly come onto the radio that take us back in time. The possibilities are endless but there is always a higher chance of stepping back in time and it doesn’t have to be all bad. The memories can help us make peace with the past as well as give us a laugh or two about the things that went both right and wrong. 

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