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The Libra Equinox takes place on September 22nd, 2018 & Marks a Shift in Consciousness with the Change of Seasons.

Officially, the Sun’s entrance into Libra marks the moment where we enter the new season—Autumn for Northern Hemisphere & Spring for the Southern Hemisphere.  New energy comes to the forefront and a new kind of consciousness takes root. The sign of Libra (otherwise known as the balancer and relationship guru) takes the stage and encourages us to get in tune with a new equilibrium.

Relationships and our place within them will now start becoming an important topic of conversation. Libra, after all, is the sign of relationships—and connectivity with others. It also likes peace, harmony and balance. As a result, there is a new desire within all of us to get more in tune with some inner zen and balance. Finding new ways to working more collaboratively (part of the genius of Libra) will begin to become a theme for many of us.

As we set our intentions for this Libra Equinox and the season ahead , it’s important to take our own inner balance into account.

Remember how far we’ve come since the last seasonal change (and all those eclipses and retrogrades that came along for the ride!). It’s time to thank ourselves for all the big strides we have made through the big shifts of 2018. While things never usually go exactly as we plan, we all do our best to make the best of our situations. This coming season will be an important time to make our own inner peace with the outcome of where things stand. This is not only true for the here and now —but for where we plan to take things next.

While the Sun’s sign shift will be important, the other planets will be telling a story as well. An important Aries Full Moon will be taking place just a few days after the seasonal change and fueling Saturn (a beast to reckon with!) on. His energy will be pushing us to get rid of the things that are not working and really see the things that are. His influence is creating new foundations that are built on stronger and more solid footing.

We’re also approaching one of the last retrogrades of 2018 – Venus Retrograde.

While we’ve been tossed and turned through so many difficult retros this year, the Venus retrograde is the rarest of the them all. As we move into this new terrain we may start finding ourselves gaining deeper awareness and insight into our plans—particularly those centered around others. The inner workings of relationships and collaborations will begin to become more important than ever.  With Jupiter rounding up his final stretch through deep Scorpio, we’re approaching a conclusion point of what we really need to really connect with someone on a deep level.

Most importantly, remember to thank yourself on this Libra Equinox. We’ve all come a long way with the intense and changing energy of 2018. As we enter the final stage of the year, it’s important to embrace the positive possibilities of what comes next. I’ll be in San Francisco during this time at my “Planning With the Planets” event with Mama Work It. If you’re in the area, join me and find out more about what’s ahead!

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