Humming Bird Owl by Isabel Bryna

Humming Bird Owl by Isabel Bryna – Mariposa Galactica

The Libra Equinox takes place on September 22nd, 2017 and marks a shift in consciousness with the change of seasons.

Officially, the Sun’s entrance into Libra marks the moment where we enter the new season—Autumn for Northern Hemisphere & Spring for the Southern Hemisphere.  New energy comes to the forefront and higher consciousness takes root. The sign of Libra (otherwise known as the balancer and relationship guru) comes into focus which encourages a new equilibrium.

With Libra coming into the forefront, the pendulum of chaos stops swinging to fast and furiously. This is the time of year where things shift so we can find a new type of inner peace and balance. Working more collaboratively (part of the genius of Libra) will likely play a big part of this shift.

As we set our intentions for this Libra Equinox and the season ahead , it’s important to take our own inner balance into account.

Remember how far we’ve come since the last seasonal change (and all those eclipses that came along for the ride!). It’s time to thank ourselves for all the big strides we have made through these big shifts in play. While things never usually go exactly as we plan, we all do our best to make the best of our situations. This is an important time to make our own inner peace with the outcome of where things stand. This is not only true for the here and now —but for where we plan to take things next.

While the Sun’s sign shift is important, the other planets will be telling a story as well. An important Virgo New Moon pushed us to clean up our chaos on September 19th – 20th. In addition, the final Jupiter-Uranus opposition is edging closer (peaking on September 28th). This major 2017 influence, will be giving us one last major push into finding the changes we are looking for. Power house Pluto, will also forge ahead at that same time ending his 5 month retrograde.

As we move into this new shift of consciousness, we may start finding ourselves gaining deeper awareness and insight into our plans. The inner workings of relationships and collaborations are now more important than ever.  With Jupiter about to make an important sign change into deep Scorpio, we’re about to understand people on an entirely new level.

On a final note, remember to thank yourself on this Libra Equinox. We’ve all come a long way with the intense energy of 2017. As we enter it’s final chapter, it’s important to embrace the positive possibilities of what comes next.


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Art Credit:

I also want to add a thank you to Mariposa Galactica for permission to use this beautiful Humming Bird Owl piece for this post. Her art is inspired to awaken our connection to the natural world and the cosmos.

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