August 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

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August 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

August arrives with a lion’s roar with a celestial bag filled with lots of wild and crazy energy! The month ahead will continually remind us of the necessary changes the universe is demanding we pay attention to. Even the most stubborn will have no choice but to engage with these new, unpredictable dynamics. Change and important break-throughs are guaranteed. It’s exciting and a tad scary at the same time! Thankfully, the courageous and brave face of Leo will help to lead us through. Then later in the month, the organized-detail oriented Virgo will help us find order and come up with some new plans.

There’s a great deal of fun and fire to tap into in the coming weeks, too. Venus will be strutting her stuff creating exciting portals to tap into on the romance and connectivity department. This month can be great for love, romance and hanging out with people outside your norm. I’ve especially got my eye on the Aquarius Full Moon, which screams “DO YOU.”

Mars makes a major move as he shifts into Gemini, a place he’ll remain till the end of March 2023! Expect a lot of your story and what needs to happen next come out of this very important Mars cycle. I’m watching it closely and you should too.

Virgo energy will take center stage later in the month. Once Virgo Season arrives, it’ll be time to sharpen up our pencils and get back to school and work. New plans will be getting ready for implementation, particularly around the time of August’s Virgo New Moon.

August also delivers Uranus’ station retrograde alongside some other planetary twists and turns. Grab all my August insights for your sign and free horoscope below.

All the extra personal details of my August 2022 forecast can be found in my Member Horoscopes. You’ll find videos, special articles and cosmic monthly wisdom to help guide you through and plan accordingly! Just like there is a lot happening in REAL LIFE, there’s a lot in my membership to explain it ALL!

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