August 2018 Solar Eclipse in Leo: King of My Heart

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It’s Time to Discover Who the King of Our Heart Truly Is

After a chaotic, uneasy and quite frankly angry last few months there is no doubt we need a breather. But the universe is saying we’re not quite done yet. The third of three eclipses in a row needs to peak in order for us to be ready to move onto the next. Eclipse # , the August 2018 Solar Eclipse, here we come!

On August 11th, 2018 the August 2018 Solar Eclipse will take place. Another ‘awakening’ moment arrives with the LAST ECLIPSE of 2018. Thankfully it’ll register in at only partial intensity. The energy that will surround us on the days before and AFTER this ‘roaring’ moon might beg to differ that point.

The moment has arrived to pick out your favorite retrograde planetary body (Mercury? Mars? Uranus? Saturn? Neptune? Pluto? Chiron? …) and start pondering back. Quite frankly it’s more than maddening how many we get to choose from. But the universe wants us to have a wide selection to choose from. Each one of these planets is representing something but it’ll be up to us to pick the one’s message we most need to hear.

Take a moment to look back and see what’s calling on you now. A necessity is staring us down to look back and clean up some sort of mess or hurt. We won’t really be able to move ahead till we do that in some way or another. In the days surrounding this eclipse it’ll be important to get to it and discover who the King of your Heart truly is.

Here’s an excerpt from this the August 2018 Solar Eclipse Member Horoscope Article

Leo, after all, is the king of the jungle and he’ll be ready to roar with this eclipse.

There’s no doubt its been intense out there. New seeds of opportunity have begun to take root—but some emotional good byes have needed to come along for the ride. It’s been a terrain filled with unexpected encounters that have proven difficult to handle. The universe has indeed been changing at a rapid pace. As a result, there have been a lot of unpredictable factors enticing us to push the envelope. Some of us have ended up pushing too hard—while others not hard enough.

I was recently talking to a friend about all this change and he summed up pretty accurately when he said, “Well … Dinosaurs couldn’t adapt to change and look what happened to them.” Point in case – no doubt! We certainly don’t want to end up being our own demise. The more we can step outside the box the better and the time is certainly now.

In very simple terms, a Solar Eclipse is a powerful New Moon. New Moons in Astrology help us to initiate and begin new endeavors. This is a little tricky to maneuver right now given all the backwards action in the zodiac (aka: 5 planets in retrograde including Mars & Mercury!).  Sometimes, however, we NEED to look back in order to move ahead. The past has to be cleaned up or we can’t start a new. It’s going to be obvious by this point that some of the things we’ve initiated in the past are working—while others aren’t panning out as we hoped.

This Leo Solar Eclipse will spark our awareness into advocating a little modification to the plan.

The bottom line is that something needs to start over. It’s time to modify what we had wanted or redo something of the past. This kind of change factor needs to happen and the last eclipse of 2018 will make it be known. The universe isn’t going to wait for us to be ready either. AHA moments will be coming out of this Solar Eclipse to help us see things more clearly and take charge.

It’s also going to deliver a true opportunity to help us advocate the changes that need to be made…..

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