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The August 2017 Full Moon Eclipse Delivers an Unusual Twist of Events

With Jupiter kissing the Moon at the peak of it, there is a good amount of luck that comes out of this Magical Full Moon Eclipse Carpet Ride. Despite all the high energy around, optimism & abundance will be around for the taking. We just may have to look somewhere unusual to get it.

Awareness is about to kick up quite a few notches as we embark upon the last Full Moon Eclipse of 2017. Understanding it’s deeper meaning is key into putting your year into perspective.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only August 2017 Full Moon Eclipse Article “Magical Carpet Ride”:

Ready or Not—The August Eclipse Magical Carpet Ride Begins Here

On August 7th, 2017 a Full Moon Eclipse will create a unique turning point in our lives. It’s not a total eclipse (like the one in later August is) but it will stir energy all the same. Eclipses, after all, have an interesting way of heightening emotions way above the normal notch. From a timing perspective, we tend to feel a buzz in the air up to a week prior.

Full Moons in general create endings but eclipses have an even great impact on closures.

With the Moon ripe in Aquarius, a sign that likes to be original, I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot of people’s “individual” sides coming out. Important decisions may be looming and this marks the moment to act upon them. We may be embarking upon a time where we decide to stick with something (in order to take it to a new level) or walk away completely. Our need to achieve and be successful is quite strong given the influences. So the decisions we need to make may surround what we need to do in order to get closer to what our definition of success is.

The energy of 2017 has been intense for many and situations have been building. What’s happening around this eclipse actually stems back to beginning of the year. A push started to come over to us then, to be who we really are and not conform to the normal playing rules. At first, that process seemed a little disconcerting but now at this stage we’re more comfortable to voice our concerns, protest and speak up for what we believe is right.

Whether we realize it or not, 2017 is a year that is planting seeds to do something different.

And different is what Aquarius likes best. So if you’re looking to step outside the box, this Full Moon Eclipse is a perfect moment to dip a toe in and see what it looks like. It’s also the perfect time to take whatever we’ve been doing different and raise it up a few notches. Aquarius  likes to break free and this is a point that can help us break any sort of chains that have been holding us back.

Eclipses create events and I have a funny feeling that a lot of events – or happenings – are going to come out of this (and the month of August in general). We may even begin to start going back and re-thinking things we never thought we’d do. With a Mercury Retrograde approaching, there is a bigger tendency to jump back into the past for some reason or another.

Given the combinations in play, we might end up surprising ourselves with what we do with this Full Moon energy. The star player of this Full Moon Eclipse story, Aquarius, is one that likes to keep us guessing.

The truth behind ….

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