The August 2017 Astrology Revolves All Around Two Back to Back Eclipses

The heart of the lion will be roaring as we begin one of the most important rides of the year. With the Leo energy in full effect, the fire and light that lives within each of us has the potential to come out. This is the time of year where we all need to find a way to shine a little more. Some of us need a push while it comes naturally to others.

Whatever the case is for each of us personally, the month ahead will be helping us break patterns, showcase our creative side and show off all our talents – even the hidden ones! It’s also the perfect time to be loud and proud of who we are, how far we’ve come and where we want to go next. Get ready for some new and positive twists and turns – eclipse season has arrived!

What's on the planetary menu

The August 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Uranus Retrograde (Aug 2), Final Jupiter Pluto Square (Aug 4), Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius (Aug 7), Mercury Retrograde (Aug 12), Venus Pluto Opposition (Aug 15), Total Solar Eclipse in Leo (Aug 21) & Saturn Direct (Aug 25)


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AUGUST 1st-6th

The month of August kicks off with Uranus, the planet that likes things shaken not stirred, stationing retrograde. If you’ve been feeling caged up then Uranus’ turn retro on August 2nd will kick up the need to “break free” even more. This is also going to be a time where some of us will be prompted to look back and decide whether or not the changes made so far in 2017 are working out in the way we wanted.

Things will continue to heat up as we experience the 3rd and final Jupiter Pluto Square on August 4th. This is going to be an important wrap up of one of the most influential transits of 2017.

The Jupiter Pluto influence has been creating a building need for justice in both our personal lives – as well as in society. It’s also created the potential for some of our greatest successes or failures—depending on how we have used it. Read more about the Jupiter-Pluto influence that began at the end of November 2016 in this blog post: Jupiter Pluto Square: Demanding Justice for Both Ourselves & the Greater Good. 

Members Only: Check out your August Horoscope to see how this energy is effecting you and what you can expect in the coming weeks. 

AUGUST 7th-13th

There are a few HOT TOPICS for this week so get ready to be caught up in a whirlwind! A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse kicks off the week and I have no doubt this will keep us on our toes. On August 7th, it’ll be time to get on a Magical Carpet Ride as we experience a very impactful & opportunistic Full Moon in Aquarius. Full Moons always ramp energy up – but Eclipses create even bigger events.

Next up will be Mercury’s turn Retrograde in the sign of Virgo on August 12th. Things always get a little mixed up when Mercury turns and this is only going to add to the energizing (and adjusting) energy of the month.

Members Only: Get all your FULL MOON ECLIPSE details, including personal effects and special tips, in the  Member Only August Full Moon Eclipse Article titled, “Magical Carpet Ride.”  Also, check out all the details into how this particular Mercury Retrograde will be effecting you. 

AUGUST 14th-20th

Relationships could feel the heat this week! On August 15th, pretty girl Venus will go head to head with karma-con Pluto as they face off in an intense opposition. Not to mention, Jupiter (the planet that can really blow things way out of proportion) gets involved in the mix on August 16th. Thankfully, Uranus swings in on August 20th to save the day as he gives us an opportunity to break out of the intensity. All of these happenings are in the zone of next week’s ultra powerful Solar Eclipse- a major hot spot of the year if not the century!

Members Only: Find out more of the details into the Venus-Pluto opposition in the monthly Hot Spot Dates and tips on how to deal with it. 

AUGUST 21st-27th

Get ready for one of the BIGGEST weeks of the entire year! Yes, I totally mean that and I promise that I’m not exaggerating. On August 21st, we’ll experience one of the most powerful Solar Eclipses in the United States in almost a century. It will take place in the very special 29th degree of Leo touching the royal star Regulus. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of the SOLSTICE AUGUST ECLIPSE eBOOK  do it now & find out the deeper meaning into this important shift of energy.

Things will continue to heat up past the eclipse – especially in the realm of relationships.

On August 22nd, the Sun will change signs and enter the realm of Virgo. It’s time to start sending all our favorite Virgos stellar Solar Return wishes. Finally on August 25th, Saturn will station direct in the sign of Sagittarius. He will be showcasing how hard work, patience & perseverance can really pay off!

Hardcore Saturn will finally say good-bye to his 5-month retrograde  period and help propel us forward. He’ll be talking loudly here, showcasing just how far we’ve come so this could mark a moment where we really need to strut our stuff. At the same time, Venus will do a wardrobe change and put on her Leo clothes throwing more of the “time to be seen” energy into the air.

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AUGUST 28th-31st

The roller coaster ride will begin to come to a slow down here. The biggest news to report is Mercury’s shift back into the sign of Leo on August 31st. We’re just about a week away from the finale of this Mercury retrograde period which is quite important in the big picture.

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