Moon Imagery by Jennifer Henriksen of Jen’s Fine Art

The August 15 2019 Full Moon in Aquarius Pushes Us to Stand Out in a “Unique” Kind of Way

At the time of the August Full Moon there will be a BIG party going on in the sign of Leo—Aquarius’ polar opposite.This is because a total of 4 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars & the Sun) will be having a lot of fun in the creative, dramatic and courageous sign. A lot of love will be in the air, too, given that Leo is the sign with one of the biggest hearts. It’s a big show with a TON of character!

But a twist in the story will need to unfold …..

A rebellious and unique full moon in Aquarius will be on the other side of all the “show” — pushing to be seen in its own kind of way. Something will be whispering in our ear to “look over here” in order to discover a very new kind of possibility. While full moons can create some tension, I find this one rather exciting. How could it not with lucky Jupiter, now moving direct, adding his own kind of magic to the mix? 

New discoveries are awaiting and I bet this full moon creates a new turning point in where some of us go next. 

Reinvention, a call to take a stand, rebellion and push to find our own kind of connections will all be calling. Listen to the message …. no matter how different it may seem. Aquarius likes to stand out from the crowd and be its own kind of person. Honor it and don’t shy away if the call comes to you. Grab onto the tail of courage stemming off all the Leo lion in the air and be ready to expect the unexpected.

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