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Welcome to the Astro Virgins Podcast

Join astrologer Crystal B. and her guests from around the world to learn more about your personal astrology and how to make the most of your planets.

Season 1

Episode #1: Welcome to Astro Virgins

Episode #2: What Sign Covers Our Front Door?

Episode #3: Decoding Our Emotional Realm

Episode #4: 2019 Planetary Message and Forecast for Every Sign

Episode #5: Planet Transits Anonymous

Episode #6: Happy Birthday or Happy Solar Return?

Episode #7: Carmelle and Crystal

Episode #8: The Power of Stars and Sound

Episode #9: The Astrology Behind Our Favorite Show Game of Thrones

Episode #10: Crystal & Robin Mansfield discuss Tarot, Astrology & Saturn

Episode #11: Leena Leemos of the Enlightenedhood, Saturn returns, being a mama astrologer, finding your WHY

Episode #12: Crystal Closes Season 1 & Shares More About the July 2019 Eclipses & What They Mean For You

Season 2

Episode #13: Astro Virgins Podcast Season 2 Premiere: Great Saturn Pluto Conjunction of 2020

Episode #14: Using Astrology and the Planets to Decode Relationships

Episode #15: Mindfulness, Meditation and Gemini Secrets with Qwell Meditation

Episode #16: Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck & abundance in Capricorn

Episode #17: Meet Ceres

Episode #18: Exploring the 12th House

One of the best parts of my week! I can’t say enough good things about Crystal and her podcast. I’ve always had an interest in astrology but maybe was a little overwhelmed on where to start. Crystal has an amazing talent to break everything down in a way that anyone can understand. I was hooked after the first episode and really felt not only educated but also with a better understanding of myself and how my own personal astrology works for me. Crystal herself is just genuine, warm, and a pleasure to listen to. I’m all in and looking forward to more!!

Jenni Vene

from United States of America on iTunes

So Amazing!! So knowledgeable!!! ???

I love this new podcast! Super exciting, a great beginning into my astrology experience as a legitimate practice. Crystal is so real, relatable, and on the money with her understanding of the planets and how they contribute to our identities, dynamics, and lives. I am looking forward to future episodes and the many interviews to come on this podcast! Keep em’ coming!


from United States of America on iTunes

An Absolute Revelation !
For the last year I’ve been subscribed to Crystal B’s newsletter and social media, loving the posts and updates that amplify my understanding of my astrology and when I heard from Crystal that there were podcasts being launched – I couldn’t wait to sit down in the holidays and soak up all the knowledge ! I can’t wait for the next episodes ( of course I know now I’m a sun sign Sagittarius, Aquarius rising and Leo moon and this type of podcast fascinated me 🙂 The learning and conversational style fits me like a glove ! Thanks Crystal for sharing your comprehensive knowledge and raising the bar for us all

The Charmologist

from Australia on iTunes