Learn About Astrology With Crystal B’s Learning Tools

Crystal B. Astrology Master Wheel

Crystal B. Astrology Master Wheel

Learning About Astrology Can Be Easy If We Look At Things Step By Step

Having some tools handy helps too. Astrology is a picture language and it begins with an understanding of the planets and signs. Everything else revolves around those two things. It’s also helpful to hear the story of how all the planets and signs work together, which you can read more about here: How Astrology Works.

When you are ready to take your astro knowledge to a deeper level, take a look at all there is to offer in the portal. All of these tools were developed to guide the learning process and try to make a little more sense of all the rules to remember. Remember that learning about astrology takes time, patience and a willingness to practice.

If you haven’t already, create a FREE copy of your own birth chart here. The best chart to begin with and use to practice is your own. It’s also handy to take your learning off line. Click the image below for your own copy of all the resources available in the portal.

Print a Copy of Crystal B.'s Learning Tools

Print a Copy of Crystal B.’s Learning Tools

Astrology Topics to Explore:

Signs & Planets

Illustrated Quick Reference that shows each Sign and its Planetary Ruler(s).


Color coded Astrology Wheel indicating the grouping of Elements (Fire, Earth, Air & Water). This can be very helpful when looking for signs that work well together. 

Dignities & Debilities

Discover more about each sign and the planet(s) they work the best and worst with.


Find out more about what Houses really are in Astrology.


Explanation and reference for the 3 Modes (Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable) and their Signs.


Explanation and reference for the Angles associated with each House.

Opposites Attract: Sign Opposites

Discover which signs are polar opposites which is important in regards to *attraction*, *drive* and *motivation*.

Master Astrology Wheel

Crystal B’s Illustrated Master Wheel which includes detailed info on every sign including rulerships, elements, modes and house info. This is truly a Master Wheel and a must have for anybody serious about learning about Astrology.

Quick Reference Guides

Make learning and remembering all the complicated details of the planets and signs easier with specially designed Quick Reference Guides. Illustrations include guides about Astrological Houses, Elements, Astrological Speed of Each Planet, Angles and Dignities & Debilities by BOTH Planet & Sign. A Master Astrology Sign & Planet guide is also found here which includes EVERYTHING needed to know about

A Master Astrology Sign & Planet guide is also found here. This MASTER GUIDE includes EVERYTHING needed to know about each sign and its ruler, key words, polarities, modes, elements and action statements.

Printable Copy of Crystal B. Astrology Learning Tools Book

If you’re into the visuals like me having a handy book to reference can make all the difference. My recommendation is to print this book which includes all the guides and references found it the portal.