Astrology Crystal Connection

Our Personal Astrology Connects Us to Crystal Energy

Birthstones and their meaning are where the Astrology Crystal connection begins. The use of birthstones, or a stone that represents our Sun Sign, expresses ancient beliefs of protection, luck and abundance. It goes as far back as the Bible where we can find many different references.

The Astrology Crystal connection really began with the importance of the number twelve (which is the # of astrology signs).

I’ll begin with a little history. Going back long ago, the mystical use of the number twelve was originally found in Jewish folklore. It equated to the twelve tribes and twelve stones of the breastplate of the Jewish high priest. The stories suggested that each of the twelve stones was engraved with an anagram of God that had a mystical power over the twelve angels.

Here are the 12 Stone/Crystal Angel Connections:

  • Ruby for Malchediel
  • Topaz for Asmodel
  • Carbuncle for Ambriel
  • Emerald for Muriel
  • Sapphire for Herchel
  • Diamond for Humatiel
  • Jacinth for Zuriel
  • Agate for Barbiel
  • Amethyst for Adnachiel
  • Beryl for Humiel
  • Onyx for Gabriel
  • Jasper for Barchiel

They also believed that gemstones were mystically related to the twelve months of the year and twelve parts of the human body. Time changed people’s beliefs and eventually, the choice of a particular Crystal stemmed out of other reasons. Most often those reasons related to healing properties.

Here are Some of the Original Stone/Crystal Healing Connections:

  • Amethyst was chosen to ward off intoxication
  • Agate to become agreeable and persuasive
  • Bloodstone as a guard against deception
  • Malachite as a protection against evil

The practice of relating a specific Crystal to one’s birth month actually came about rather recently. Today many people, including myself as an astrologer, believe that birthstones provide a connection to the cosmic forces in the sky with the crystal energies of the earth. However, I believe that we have many astrological energies that flow inside of us – not just those pertaining to our Sun Sign.

By combining cosmic forces and crystal energy we can tap into the maximum potential of both Astrology and Crystals.  Astrological forces link with crystal energies because the movements of the planets bring out energy that Crystals absorb and store.

Crystals that help us to connect to our Zodiac Signs (including our Rising & Moon Sign) and other personal astrological influences help us to flow better with the energy that emanates around us.

The Astrology Crystal connection is a powerful one. Our birthstones can be primary receivers of planetary energy and help ground us. The Crystals associated with each sign also have the ability to isolate and direct particular influences. They can allow other influences to pass through them helping to amplify or eliminate qualities we are seeking out.

Continue the journey and discover more about generating your own Crystal Astrology by Sign.

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