Astrology and the Seven Year Itch

Jul 13, 2016 | RELATIONSHIPS, Saturn | 0 comments

Seven Year ItchNo matter how you slice it – 7 is an important and powerful number. 

It’s referenced in so many different facets of life that it’s hard to miss.  Some say it symbolizes wholeness or completeness and when you start looking around at all the things relating to it – you can’t help but see it.

Here’s a quick run down of just a few places where you can see the number 7 in action:

  • 7 total days of creation (6 days of work + 1 day of rest)
  • 7 parts of the body
  • 7 days in a week
  • 7 chakras (body points or energy centers that energy flows through)
  • 7 colors in the rainbow
  • 7 also shows up extensively in religious belief systems as well (7 sacraments, some say 7 is the most significant # in the bible,  several Jewish holidays are 7 days long, etc)

There are also many instances where it is said to be auspicious, lucky or instill good fortune.

Which brings me to the Astrology part of this discussion….. 

Everything that begins has a planetary story attached to it.  Love relationships, friendships, marriages, creation of businesses, starting a new job, purchasing a house, etc.  Anything that takes root or life in some way – has an astrological chart attached to it.  This picture reveals what the planets were saying at the moment it began.

AND the planets are always moving around and interacting with this picture…creating a story.

One of the most important planets that interacts with our planetary stories, is the planet Saturn.  He moves slowly and tests our patience – but he always rewards us for putting in hard work and getting serious.  His MO includes challenge, hard work and tons of unruly trials and tribulations.

And guess when his influence is strongest?  You got it ….. at the 7 year mark.

At around year 7 of anything created – there comes a challenge of some sort and it all stems from Saturn’s influence.  It’s a critical period where the relationship or “thing of creation” is tested and put under intense scrutiny.

Many of us have heard of the classic saying “The Seven Year Itch” which marks a time (around year 7) in marriage when happiness dulls and the more serious side of things come out.  It’s also statistically known that the majority of divorces happen around year 7.

However, it’s not just marriage that’s affected by this test of 7’s … it’s a point where anything created comes under reassessment.  Studies reveal that people tend to sell their houses – 7 years after purchase.  Businesses come to a crucial turning point at around year 7 and there’s countless other references that indicate this time as important.

The 7 year mark is a turning point and major events could come into play. 

Thoughts about LONG-TERM success stare you down and you can’t run from them anymore. The identity of the matter at hand is scrutinized. You begin to question your motives and whether things are really working or not.  Confidence can be waivered and insecurities as well as fear can surface.

Saturn’s influence makes you get serious and really contemplate matters.  This is a time when everyone and everything decides if you’re in it for the long haul ….or not.

But it’s not all bad.  Remember what I said about 7 being lucky, auspicious and fortunate? 

Anything that withstands the tests of Saturn become better, stronger and more solid (and he comes around strongest in phases of 7 (7, 14, 21 ,etc)).  The phase that comes after this testing one delivers stability and abundance and makes the hard work worthwhile.

And if the decision comes to walk away and end something – don’t beat yourself up about it either.  Things that aren’t working need to be let go of – in order for new and better things to take root.  It’s the natural order of things that will always play out behind the scenes in order for us to accomplish and experience the things we need for our particular path.

No matter how your story ends up playing out – a 7yr mark will likely play a big part of it.  In the end you’ll come to thank Saturn even though he’s a beast to deal with through the “itch” process.