Crystal B.’s Private Astrology Lessons Make Learning Easy & Fun

Take your Astro Studies to the next level and learn about yourself through the process. Taking the time to learn how to decode your own astrology can be a gift that keeps on giving FOREVER.

Nothing beats having a real astrologer walk you through the planets and signs. It’s so much easier to have a real guide rather than try to figure it out on your own. It’s also helpful to have someone point things out to give a new perspective.

The best part about taking astrology lessons with Crystal is that you get to decode your own chart along the way.

Your chart will be the foundation for everything you learn –which means you get to learn astrology, more about yourself & your future all at the same time. If you love astrology and interested in taking your understanding to a new level consider taking some private astrology lessons.

You won’t be disappointed!

Hi Crystal 
Just wanted to say thanks for yet another great lesson/session.
I’m just so grateful to have found you.
I’m amazed at how much is stirred up by our lessons. Food for thought!!! 
It’s really wonderful – and again the only word I can come up with is – gratitude.
Nicole G.—Niagra, Canada

Crystal has developed her own fun and easy style into breaking through difficult astrological concepts. Every student learns differently and Crystal’s customized approach caters to these differences.

Crystal’s Astrology Lesson Packages can also be used as Astro Coaching, Astro Therapy and motivation for being our best self. Learning more about our personal astrology helps put us in touch with using our talents in the best way possible. 

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