Astrocartography and Locational Astrology Readings

Locational Astrology Helps Us Find Places in the World Where We Operate Best

Did you ever feel the desire to go to a certain place? Have you ever felt like the place you currently reside isn’t right for you? Do you experience things continually going right or wrong? Are you in the process of planning a move and want to know if it’s a good place for you to go?

Interestingly enough your personal astrology aligns on the map of the world.

Astrocartography or locational astrology reveals the places where you operate best and worst.

It also shows locations where you will find love, money, success, karmic connections & abundance more easily. It has been one of my own own personal fascinations and has taken me all over the world.

It’s an exciting discovery to see where our energy meshes best, as well as specific places to go if we’re looking to enhance certain themes. Given that we all have constraints in where we live, it’s also helpful to know why we feel the way we do in certain places.

Benefits of Locational Astrology Readings

At a minimum, a locational astrology reading can help us to know the best places to travel for fun. On a much grander level it can help us find the best place to meet someone special, enhance our careers or attract luck & abundance. If you like to travel, want to get in touch with your most driving energies or feel the need to make a big change then this is the reading for you.

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