Astro Jewels Q & A

In an effort to help everyone who’s curious about what’s the best sign/energy to wear I’ve developed this special Question & Answer page to help figure it all out. 

Question: What’s the Best Astro Jewel for me?

Answer: My astrological advice is look to your Sun sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign first. I personally like to mix and match several combinations involving my personal trio (ie: Sun/Rising/Moon signs).

Question: Are there any other sign influences that would benefit me?

Answer: Of course there are! I would check out what sign your Progressed Moon  is in because that accentuates the current “skin” you’re in. I’ve noticed that when I wear my Progressed Moon’s sign Astro Jewel things really pop and I get better in tune with the energy of the sign I’m currently living in.

Question: Can I tap into certain energies or influences?

Answer: Absolutely you can! What my astrological recommendation is to think about what you’re looking to attract. Is it confidence, control, insight, patience ,etc? Every sign has particular influences or “key words. ” Check out each signs influences and key words to determine what particular energies you’re looking to attract and then where that sign’s Astro Jewel.

Question: Does the Moon influence my Astro Jewels?

Answer: For anyone that reads my blog, you all know I love the Moon! I’m a true believer in her power and I personally make sure I’m wearing my Astro Jewels  on both the New Moon and Full Moon of each month. For the New Moon, I find benefits in wearing the sign of where the Moon is operating. It helps me to tap into that influence and channel it in my own life. For the Full Moon, I find benefits in wearing both the sign the Moon is in as well as the Sun. This helps to polarize the balance of the Moon and Sun and find equilibrium in the area being affected. Check out my free Monthly Astrology Update to find out which signs are being emphasized each month.

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