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The Aries March New Moon Gets Us In Touch with What We’re Fighting For & Where Our Initiations Need to Go Next

On March 24, 2020 the Moon will go black, as she does once a month, and ask us to reset our intentions in Aries style. With enormous pressures now surrounding us, this New Moon asks what do we want to initiate or what is necessary for us to fight for next? This story is set for action and many of us will indeed be looking to put their energies into something. Aries, the pioneering sign,  is now beginning to dominate the scene. Despite the necessity of social distancing, GO TIME arrives once again. 

When the sign of Aries gets stirred into action he thinks about making a fresh start. 

He’s a fearless warrior and precisely the energy that is needed right now. With the changing arena of the planetary scene we’ll all have a chance to get a little more warrior like and fight for our right of what needs to come next.

As you set your intentions remember that there are many things to celebrate at this time – including gaining a new outlook on any and all of our situations. No matter how bleak or dyer things may be – there is something alive and fresh looking to come out from behind the scenes. Be in tune with where your “fresh start” comes into play. The awareness you gain out of this New Moon will help you later in the year. Mars will be operating in the sign of Aries for an extended time in 2020, given a retrograde. Starts, stops and then re-starts again will come out of that.

But even if what you start here needs to change as the year goes on, don’t let that deter you from getting started. So much of the energy of 2020 is about  making a new kind of progress …. not perfection.

Here’s a picture of the Aries March New Moon taken from my Member Horoscopes …

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