Get Wild, Break Free & Tap Into Fresh Perspective with January’s New Moon

On January 24th a much needed breath of fresh air comes onto our scene with an Aquarius New Moon. We’ve already witnessed the necessity for some old doors to close (with the Full Moon Eclipse that took place earlier in the month). Now is the time where we begin to see all our new initiatives opening up with fresh eyes. Little glimmers of something entirely new begins here and we just can’t deny it.

This Aquarius New Moon January 2020 will be encouraging us to get in touch with our uniqueness and break away from whatever has been holding it back.

It’s also pushing us on to start reaching out to others who are similar to us. Community is important as we head into the next and it’s something to keep striving for. If you haven’t found yours yet, this New Moon creates the perfect zone to start experimenting and find it. The Chinese New Year also begins at this time (officially on January 25th the day the January New Moon occurs in Asia).

2020 is the Year of the Rat.

Characteristics of the Rat include cleverness, shrewdness and intelligence. It’s very connected to big business and entrepreneurship. However, the Rat is not liked by all and certainly not one of the most beloved animals. Some of the Characteristics of Capricorn (the sign that dominates 2020) align with the Rat. A Rat Year is significant because it represents the beginning of the Chinese Zodiac cycle. This is symbolic of 2020 being a year where we need to start again, in a totally new way.

Fresh perspectives are calling from all angles.

Expect some surprises with this fresh start! Some of them may rattle you while others will be welcomed. Aquarius is a unique and rebellious sign that always likes to keep us guessing. It’s a force that makes people do exactly the opposite of what we think they would. When Aquarius comes knocking we can be surprised by others—or surprise ourselves with what happens next.

Learn more about the astrology behind the Aquarius New Moon January 2020, how to set your intentions and what area in your astrology is activated. Also get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only New Moon video and learning visuals.

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