Heart symbolA Positive Planetary Vibe Is Around For the Taking This Week.

We finally have some pretty opportunistic planetary vibes to tap into. The planets are going to be in alignment this week to give us a little extra support, stamina, love and maybe even a luck too. These are the kinds of planetary combos that make us happy because you just can’t go wrong.

The positive vibe begins early in the week when Mars and Venus get together in a good way.

These two love birds like to create good sparks in the relationship department, so get ready to interact with others. Their vibe will put an extra dose of fun love into the air. People might start getting a little extra playful. We can use their influence to help us get social, laugh a little and set our problems aside for a bit. 

There’s other beneficial combinations taking place too.

Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury will also be in positive alignment creating an easiness in the air.

Energy will be flowing harmoniously and you can’t go wrong with that! Communications will be positive and progress can be made. Some good news or positive information may find some of us too. There’s something good out there for everyone.

If you’re looking to make a mark or get ahead in some way this is the week to do it. Energy will begin to take us inward from the 17th on with 3 planets beginning their backwards motion. So use this positive planetary vibe to your advantage and tap into the abundance of good energy that’ll be around for the taking.

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