April Supermoon in Aries: Shaken Not Stirred

The universe is getting ready to send a few surprises our way with this April Super New Moon.

An Aries Super New Moon will take place on April 7th, 2016 and deliver the perfect atmosphere to initiate something…. a little unusual. This is the week to expect the unexpected. With so many of the planets involved in this extra strong New Moon story every sign has the potential to walk away with a tall tale to tell.

The Aries Super New Moon will be our 2nd Super New Moon in a row.

There’s one more to come in May but that will be during a Mercury retrograde which isn’t the best time to start something new. If you’re looking for a good time to take the plunge than this New Moon is a good one. However, the key word in this something new is different. My reason for saying this is because Uranus, the planet that’s shaken not stirred is going to make the grandest entrance of all.

This wild, genius and rather unpredictable planet will have something important to say. 

Uranus is the planet named after Uranus, the Greek God (despite the other planets being named after Roman Gods).  Most people get tripped up in pronouncing his name.  Let’s be honest …. it sounds pretty much like someone’s rear if it’s not pronounced properly which sounds like UR-A-NUS not UR-ANUS!

I always visualize everything when it comes to Astrology – so naturally I have a picture that comes to mind when I think of my unusual friend.  I usually picture him as an Albert Einstein type with really freaky hair because he’s brilliant and wild like that.

He is typically known as a freaky/wild/unique/brilliantly smart kind of guy that shakes things up.  Uranus and I know each other pretty well since he lives right on top of my Midheaven (career) in my chart and is one of the reasons I followed Astrology (something different) in my career path.  Astrology after all, is a unique profession and Uranus is ALL about being different from the norm.

Uranus is also known as the “Great Awakener” and “Soul Shaker.”

He loves to come in and shake everything all up.  Remember what I said in the beginning … “shaken not stirred.” If you’ve ever been involved in a jaw-dropping/super suprising event – I’d bet a good amount of money that Uranus had something to do with it.

He CAN deliver unexpected and very beneficial opportunities to your door when he’s in the right mood and those are moments to look forward to.

Ahhhhh but sometimes his energy can really be a lot to take – too much even.  Especially since he’s been duking things out with Pluto over the last several years in something called the Pluto Uranus Square.

He can rattle us and bring unexpected changes to our door.  Anxiety is his middle name and if you’ve ever felt really crazed he could be your culprit. Even if you don’t want to admit it – you know deep down that we’ve ALL been there at one time or another!

However, sometimes we’re open to change and totally switching things up.

He propels us to make DRASTIC changes in our life and sometimes we’re just ready for them.  When he hits (as he will with this Aries Super New Moon) the changes may surprise us at first.  He’s all about the shock factor and gets a thrill out of surprising — even the most aware person.

If you or anyone you know has a birthday that falls around a few days of this – they will have a shaken not stirred kind of year. Expect the unusual coming out of them!

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