April Pink Full Moon - art by Jennifer Henriksen

Pink Moon by Jennifer Henriksen

The April “Pink” Full Moon is going to be quite the attention grabber.

It won’t be the color that grabs us (fact: it’s not going to really be pink). What’ll spark our interest the most is the energy that surrounds it. The April Pink Full Moon will peak late night on April 10th or early morning of April 11th (depending on your time zone). Given the intensity of the combinations involved, many of us will be seeing and feeling its effects several days in advance.

This is especially the case given that we’ll be in the beginning stages of another Mercury retrograde.

Many outlets will be talking up the ‘pretty in pink’ factor but the true fact of the matter is that sometimes a beautiful facade can mask a messy interior. However, there will be positives to gain, if we’re willing to step outside the box and see things from a new perspective.  The energies we’re wrapped up in, after all, are about seeing & doing things differently.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only April Pink Full Moon Article:

A hint into what to expect is tied into our happenings at the end of February – when a similar set of combinations were in play. If you were involved in a high energy time then, it is quite probable that a new development or additional piece of information is revealed to you now.

New beginnings are underway. The decisions we make during this April Pink Full Moon may be a turning point into whatever that is for each of us personally.

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For hints into where new beginnings are developing see
Venus Retrograde 2017 Special Report

While the surroundings of our environment might begin revealing great beauty (Spring blooms in the Northern Hemisphere & Autumn leaves in the Southern), a lot will be happening beneath the surface that will be screaming to come out.  Most importantly, Venus, the planet of beauty, is in the final stretch of her retrograde, which has been unmasking what’s most important to us.

The planets are now shouting from the rooftops that the abrupt & changing energies of 2017 are in full swing. If we’ve already been feeling these intense change factors—it’s time to get ready for another dose.

April’s Full Moon is sometimes referred to as the “Pink Moon” which was started by the Native Americans long ago. While the Moon won’t be pink, the blossoms that will be coming out in some parts of the world will be. A new season is underway and it’s a beautiful site to see. The caveat to the beauty is the turmoil bubbling beneath the surface.

The astrology in action reveals that there is a ton of unrest and unsettled feelings swirling around.

The beauty of astrology is not only being able to reveal what’s underneath— but to be reminded of ways to deal with it. With difficult combinations stemming out of Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus it’s safe to say that this is not easy stuff. A lot of people out there are struggling with this energy because of its intensity.  Getting through it involves a lot of patience, perseverance, and compromise.

Another T-Square (a driving and action driven combination) will be glowing strong during this April Full Moon. Things are going to happen as a result. This is not ‘let’s sit around and think about it’ type energy. This combination involving Jupiter, Pluto & Uranus is making us get out there and do something big.  With that being said, I also want to mention that these planets can make us get a little TOO obsessive compulsive about something. Our need to get something done is on over-drive. We’ll need to be careful not to over-do it —or do something reckless.

The 2017 theme of justice and making our rights be known will be ignited to the fullest.

Many of us out there are holding up our own personal picket signs in protest in regards to what’s been going on in our personal lives. We’re in the process of standing up, fighting for what’s what right and putting our foot down to get it.

The sign of Libra (21° ♎ 33) who always puts forth a wonderful presence will be showcased to the fullest during this time. Libra enjoys quaint surroundings and social gatherings. It loves to network, mingle and engage the crowd —listening to everyone’s viewpoints. However, what we need to keep in mind that there is A LOT more to this sign than just that.

Of course, it’s true that Libra will always opt for a peaceful and zen approach, but it takes ACTION when it needs to. Libra is a cardinal sign, after all, and these are the signs that get things done.

Expect action, decisions and major turning points to come out as a result.

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ART CREDIT: A Big Thank you to Jennifer Henriksen, fine art photographer in London, Ontario. Check out all her amazing prints in her Shop. Her Full Moons are my personal favs!