April 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

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April 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

The month ahead will likely be one of the most memorable of 2022. Optimism and a push to heal old wounds will be trying to surround us we continue to embrace the changing times. Fresh energy, new insight and inventive ideas will also be around for the taking. April delivers a powerful mix of astrology including the rare meet up of Jupiter and Neptune and the beginning stages of Eclipse Season.

A massive mix of both fire and water will take over. On one hand we’ll be fired up to begin anew, where on the other a vortex of spiritual, go with the flow energy builds. It’s a time to be open to new opportunities trying to swim through, continue learning to manage emotional reactions and explore unchartered territory.

All planets will be moving direct up until the very last week. Pluto, the planet of power and powerlessness, will be the first to move into his annual retrograde. The wheels of our fate and destiny continue to churn!

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