April 2020 Astrology Update with Crystal B.

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April 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology 

In such trying times, I’m sending a warm and caring hello to everyone reading this update. The planets have always given me understanding, knowledge and some fraction of peace in the most difficult times. My hope is to share that with all of you with these monthly horoscopes. The month ahead will be one of the most widely watched months of our time and a necessity to band together, even from a distance will be so very important. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating massive devastation and putting all social interactions to a screeching halt, all eyes are on what the universe has in store for us next. But the fact of the matter is that most of us will be at home in the coming month, dealing with all of our astrological energies behind closed doors. 

Whether you think you are playing a small or large role in dealing with the effects of this world-crisis, we are ALL making history. Each and every one of us.

The hard truth is that the month ahead will not be an easy one via the planets. April delivers the biggest Full Moon of 2020, the 2nd Super Moon in a series of 3. Expect a challenging first week of April in particular, with difficult news coming down the line. Issues of power and control will also be coming on strong. Many systems are severely broken and the cracks are being seen now more than ever. Cracks let the light in, however and with that will come revolutions for change.

With that being said, HOPE will surround us.

Hope to find new and creative ways to move our energy. Hope to make our existing relationships work, in some kind of way— in close confinement. Hope to make connections with others, despite being so far away. And most importantly, Hope that eventually this epic health crisis will end—because it will. Love is real and many of us will be getting in touch with it in profound ways as we see our way through this. 

The world will never be the same again. It will be what was BEFORE the Corona Virus and what came AFTER. We will find a way to rebuild and new beginnings will emerge out of the destruction. April marks the first part of a 3 piece story involving the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. Rebirth always follows death and destruction. The operation of these planets will showcase evidence that rebirth is possible. Take care of yourselves in the weeks ahead and do your part to keep connected to community in whatever ways you can.

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Some of April’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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