April 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology

The April 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology Get Us In Tune With Where We Are IN & OUT

Welcome to Aries season and a momentum of discovery into precisely where in your life you want and need to be “IN IT to WIN IT.” With all planets moving direct until April 10th we are moving full speed ahead into new territory. A new feel in the air is beginning to brew …. but a fierce determination needs to come along for the ride. 

With an impactful Aries New Moon and 29th Degree Libra Full Moon (the 2nd Libra Full Moon in a row!) showcasing powerful planetary energies —- BIG decisions are looking to be made. We may surprise ourselves, along with others, as we trek along into what comes next. 

Be in tune with where changes are looking to be made in your life. The month ahead is showcasing a prelude to the powerful Saturn + Pluto conjunction of 2020. So many of our lives are forever being changed as a result of it … even now. Whatever happens then will be no surprise because little sprinkles of what needs to stay ….. and what needs to go have will have begun to pop up well before hand. 

Be aware and ready for a powerful month of getting in touch with the warrior within! Plant your seeds and plant them wisely … the only ones that will take are the ones that you truly believe in …. and want to fight for. 

April Horoscope Hot Spots

Aries New Moon (April 5th), Jupiter Retrograde (April 10th), Libra 29th Degree Full Moon (2nd Libra Full Moon in a Row) (April 19th), Sun enters Taurus (April 20th), Earth Day (April 22nd) & Pluto Retrograde (April 24th)

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